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Upwork Alternatives: 80 Top Freelancing Sites Similar to Upwork [2019]

Hey Guys, In this article I’ll be going to share with you top Upwork Alternatives for join as a freelancer or job seeker. Upwork is a popular and largest freelance marketplace like Fiverr for join. Freelancers are already using Upwork as a great alternative of Fiverr for getting remote work.

The demand for remote workers is increasing rapidly. The main reason behind freelancing is globalization. Nowadays Industries and businesses are looking for skilled man force for their business but they can’t want to hire a full-time employee for their short projects. Therefore companies prefer to hire skill worker remotely because they cost less compared to a full-time employee.

On the other hand, remote workers are also interested to work remotely with several trusted companies in their comfort zone. However, sometimes remote workers can’t earn much as per their expectations but they can enjoy their working freedom which can’t be possible in any 9 to 5 job.

The craze of freelancing is increasing very fast around the world. Experts and skilled freelancers like to cash their talent using freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. These kind of freelancing sites are creating a bridge between freelancer and client to collaborate with each other. 

As a freelancer, sometimes it’s very tuff for new freelancers to get regular jobs on websites like Upwork because of deficiency of remote jobs and projects. Most of the remote workers are still not aware of different freelancing websites who are providing the same platform like Upwork or Fiverr.

Here in This article, you will get a full list of more than 80 freelance websites for getting started. These websites are trusted and working in a good manner. Whether you are a freelancer or employer, You must try these Upwork alternatives once for scale up your business or getting projects remotely.

1. Freelancer Gig

This is another freelance job porter website which offers a platform for employers and freelancers. Here you can join as a Gig seller for making some bugs at home. If you have any skills like digital marketing, advertisement, education, business support, animation, programming and more then you can easily cash your skills using this platform.

They have a secure platform for freelancers as well as business to collaborate with each other. They use PayPal and Credit cards as their primary payment methods.

Visit: Freelancing Gig

2. Speed Lancer

SpeedLancer is not only a freelance web designer and developer site but also provides, Content writing, web designing, digital marketing, and other remote services. Here the client posts the task and the freelancers accept it, after that the freelancers complete the task within four hours and pass it to the client.

This website offers a variety of different types of Tasks which Which will be completed within 4 hours and sent to the client. Freelancers can select any category according to their skill and join Speedlines.

Visit: Speedlancer

3. Sweet Side Jobs

Sweet side jobs is a remote job website similar to Fiverr. This website is very simple and here buyers and seller can join for free. As a seller, you can sell anything here like fitness training, accounting, digital marketing, business services, photographs, animations, and more creative jobs, as per your skill and interest. you can also feature your jobs with a fee of $10 bucks.

If you like to buy any services using sweet side jobs than you can easily choose any of the services here as per your need. You can pay money using your Paypal account or Credit card, after completing your order successfully.

Visit: Sweet Side Jobs

4. Crowd Peeps

If you have any skills and wants to convert that skill in cash than crowd peed is another place for you. They have a community of top freelancers and skilled professionals. They especially organize events and meet up for global freelancers through freelance Friday.

You just need to sign up here and you become a member of their freelance community. The clients who willing to hire an expert freelancer for their projects can hire a freelancer here as per hour rate, fixed price or through a one-time payment.

Visit: Crowd Peeps

5. Freelanced

Freelanced is a specially designed platform for freelancers. Here you can join the freelance community for making online money and connect each other as well.

As a freelance, you can connect with each other, using freelanced social community which help you to learn from experienced freelancers and grow your freelancing career. Here you can start bidding on projects for getting hired, after setting up your portfolio.

Visit: Freelanced

6. Local Lancer

LocalLancer is a freelance marketplace who offer freelance services, globally. Here clients will find many customization options to hire freelancers as per your choice and requirements. Here you can choose freelancers as per your budget, your preferred locality or language and hire the best freelance talent for your work easily.

This kind of freelance platform saves a lot of time of clients as well they also beneficial for freelancers where they can hire by International clients, directly, using Local lancers.

Visit: Local Lancers

7. 99designs

99designs is one of the best UpWork alternatives and famous web designing platform for creators and freelancers. They have a huge community of freelancers and designers. As a creative freelancer, you can choose any category here like web design, logo design, T-shirt design, packaging designing and more as per your skills and expertise.

If you like to join as an agency than you can buy their Pro plan with a $500 annual membership. After buying their pro membership, you can launch web designing contests and get new ideas from many designers st free.

There are many web designing websites similar to 99designs who offer the same web designing services but 99 design is a very famous website and trusted by millions of designers.

Visit: 99designs

8. Talent Desire

If you are a freelancer and looking for the latest remote jobs than you can check out talent desire. This recruitment firm is working with international clients, around 120 countries and they like to provide jobs for skilled workers and freelancers.

Here you can join them for getting any freelance job opportunities which can help you to make a living through freelancing.

Visit: Talent Desire

9. Twago

Twago is another freelance platform for freelancers and agencies. They are working on bidding systems as well. Here freelancers can find a variety of latest projects and remote jobs in various categories for applying.

Twago is a European based company who are providing expert and remote freelancers to business with the help of the 500k talented freelance community.

As a freelancer, you can join their freelance community through the sign up here. After joining, you can choose any categories for getting hired.

Visit: Twago

10. Gig Grabbers

Gig Grabbers could be a great alternative to Fiverr. They have a huge list to choose between different categories like Web Development, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, and more for joining.

The working process in Gig Grabber is as simple as other marketplaces like Fiverr. The clients and business can post their job requirements here to hire the best-suited freelancer for their project.

Visit: Gig Grabbers

11. College recruiter

College recruiter is a platform for recent graduates and college students. Here students can start working as a freelancer on their part-time and earn a few bucks online.

This website is specially designed for students who live in the United States and wants to earn some money along with their study. They also helpful for employers as well to hire a skilled freelancer at cheap price.

If students want to build their career with a full-time job than they can also find jobs to apply, according to their skills, using their job board.

Visit: College Recruiter

12. Mandy

Mandy is the best platform for creative freelancers and skilled artist. If you looking to build your career in the entertainment industry then you can join here as a professional.

They are hiring freelancers in different categories like film and animation, Theatre artist, Musician, Voiceover artist, Singers, Dancers, Actors and more. You can choose any of the above categories after joining Mandy.

Visit: Mandy

13. X place

X place is no wonder one of the best and popular freelancing platforms for both freelancers and clients as well. This website is work on bidding concepts like others, means freelancers have to bid on projects for getting hired.

As a freelancer, you can join Xplace for free but if you are interested to get hired regularly than you can choose their membership plan. They have various membership plans for freelancers and experts, you can start with their 1 Month plan which starts with just $28 dollars per month.

This website is one of the top freelance websites in Israel and works similarly as Upwork. Here freelancers get their payments within 20 days after completing projects for clients.

Expert freelancers also have to get their payments every Thursday after completing the project. Workers will get their payments through XPlace Wallet, bank account, or PayPal.

Visit: X place

14. Yuno Jono

Yuno Jono is another UK based freelance website similar to freelancerclub.net. They are working with international clients and provide them the best freelancer for their work, mostly in London.

As a freelancer, you can join their freelance community to serve your services to clients and business. Here you can choose and set your per-hour rates for getting hired.

Visit: Yuno Juno

15. Work in startups

Work in startups is a UK based company which provides a platform for freelancers and Startup companies to work together in the same roof. The only disadvantage of this website is that they are only providing work opportunities in some European countries like the UK, London, Ireland, and Germany.

Here freelancers can join at free to find upcoming projects, Internships and remote jobs in different categories. Freelancers will get paid here via PayPal, Credit card or Bank transfer.

Visit: Work in Startups

16. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is one of the popular freelance micro job provider websites in europium countries. They have a huge community of 140k Taskers and micro workers.

They are not working on bidding system as other UpWork alternatives do, they are usually providing services to clients which may help clients to survive during their day to day life, without wasting their precious time.

Task rabbit offers clients to book their services online. The clients have to describe their need here and they will get a skilled freelancer at their doorstep. A freelance can help clients to clean their home, shifting on any heavy item, moving boxes via truck, etc.

Visit: Task Rabbit

17. 199jobs

199jobs is a Philippines based freelance marketplace which offers micro job gigs online for sellers and clients. Here any freelancer can join easily for selling gigs at home for money. Freelancer can choose any small gigs like writing, web designing, logo designing, video editing, or more for selling at their own prices.

If you want to buy gigs on 199jobs than you can easily choose your gigs here for buying. You can also check seller ratings, delivery time and sample work here before ordering. They charge between 10% to 20% for each sale, based on sellers performance.

Visit: 199jobs

18. Skit The Drive

Skit the drive is another remote job board website which may helpful for you to find remote jobs online. If you like to work at home or looking for some remote jobs than this website will help you to find your desired job at home.

They have a large category of remote jobs here like accounting, data entry, editor, consulting, developer, finance, sales and more such categories for finding work. The joining is absolutely free for both freelancers and employers on skipthedrive.com.

Visit: Skip The Drive

19. Freelancer Max

Freelancer max is relatively a new clone website of Fiverr. They have a huge number of categories to join to serve jobs or hire skilled freelancers. The joining is free for both freelancer and employer.

Here you can directly hire freelancers for your projects in different countries or you can also post your requirements on Freelancermax.com. The job seekers and freelancers can also join here for grabbing future jobs and upcoming opportunities.

Visit: Freelancer Max

20. Way Up

Way Up is another popular platform for getting remote jobs and summer Internships at home. This website may also helpful for recent graduates as well as freshers for getting entry-level jobs in reputed companies.

If you are a job seeker or freelancer then you can search for jobs as well as paid Internships here in different categories or different locations using Wayup.com.

Visit: Way Up

More Freelance websites to Join for Freelancers and Clients:

21. Sevendays.co
22. People Per Hour
23. Join to Hire
24. Remote.co
25. Fiverr
26. Work Genius
27. Fee Hour
28. Look Freelancer
29. Jobbly.cc
30. Freelancer to Hire
31. Scalable Path
32. Pay Per Content
33. We Growth
34. Crowd Source
35. 48 Hours Logo
36. Ask Lorem
37. Experts Exchange
38. Work Rocket
39. It’s Jungle
40. Flexy Force
41. 2PolyGlot
42. Nabbesh
43. Do Jobs Online
44. Virtual Prolance
45. Blocklancer
46. Jobbly.cc
47. Up Konnect
48. Translator Base
49. Air Tasker
50. Work Hoppers
51. Freelance Near Me
52. Student Freelance
53. Smart Sociates
54. NY Castings
55. Skill Patron
56. Rush
57. Block My Talent
58. Hire Owl
59. Khdemti
60. The Event Work
61. Skill Gigs
62. Outsource
63. Tongal
64. Wethos.co
65. The Relak Agency
66. Live Lance
67. Freelancers Union
68. Freelance to India
69. Gigs 4 Five
70. Remotive.io
71. Freelance Auction
72. Wonolo
73. Working Nomads
74. Reddit
75. Jungle Scout
76. Micro Job Market
77. PE For Hire
78. Aileen Soul
79. Hub Staff Talent
80. Work Afy
81. Pro Moddy

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