Top Freelancing Sites in India

29+ Top Freelancing Sites in India to Get Freelance Jobs Fast in 2019

Freelancing is getting more popular day by day around the world, especially in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, etc. As an Asian freelancer, people’s are struggling to find legit freelance websites to join especially in India, therefore In this article, I’ll show you the top freelancing sites in India where you can join for free. 

Here you can easily join these top freelance sites in India for getting freelance jobs, projects, Internships, home-based work or part-time works in India at free of cost.

If you are a freelancer and looking for more freelance opportunities than these freelance websites will also help you to get more remote jobs in 2019.

1. Lets Intern

Lets Intern is an Indian based freelance marketplace and a job agency which provides Internships to students and job seekers on top brands and companies. They provide all kind of Internships like Part time full time or time-bound Internships for both freshers and experienced candidates in all over India.

As a Jobseeker, You can find jobs here as per your skill, location or any specific Industry as per your Interest. More than 4 million students and job seekers are already joined on Lets Interns for grab best job opportunities on their regional locations.

They are also providing a platform for employers to post their job requirements and hire candidates directly using Lets Intern.

Any employers can post 2 jobs at free and they also choose premium plans for posting more jobs and get free job booster services. Their plans started with Rs. 5000 for startups and They also have business and Enterprise plans for the established business.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Lets Intern

2. Get Freelancer

Get Freelancer is one of the top freelancing sites in India who provide a platform for both freelancers and employers to connect and fulfill their job requirements and earn money.

Any freelancer who looking for the freelance job opportunity can join here at free. The joining process is very easy, after successful joining, you can directly bid on available projects which posted on their job board.

If any employer wants to post job requirements can buy any plan for getting leads on their projects. They also provide new year affordable plan comes with Rs 2019 for one year access.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Get Freelancers

3. Lekhaka

Lekhaka is very popular freelance writing marketplace for getting freelance writing and translation projects remotely. If you are a freelancer and looking for writing assignments and projects for making money at home than Lekhaka may be helpful for you to fulfill your dreams and make a living through your writing skills.

As an Indian freelancer, you can join this website at free. Before apply here, you should assure that you have a valid Pan card number because they have a strict policy for the freelancers and pan card is mandatory for joining.

They are preferring experienced writers but as a fresher, you can join and start getting projects and jobs. The best part of this website is that you can be a translator here on any language such as English or any regional language, without any experience.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Lekhaka

4. Do Lancing

Do Lancing is another Indian freelance marketplace for freelancers to join. They are offering a variety of freelance services such as Programming, Writing, Web designing, business, and other services.

For joining, you’ve to sign up here. After joining you may able to send proposals for getting freelance projects from clients. They charged 15% commission on their free plan users on each project. you’ll get your payments after delivery of projects to the client.

Now, Do Lancing is only supporting USD, therefore you will get payments via Paypal. Indian freelancers can get paid via CCAvenue, Paytm and Instamojo.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Do Lancing

5. Intern Shala

Intern shala is a similar freelance website like lets Intern. As you can Understand by Its name, This Indian website providing Internship (Paid and Unpaid) for students and job seekers who have less experience and want to build their career on any specific field.

This freelance website provides Internships on all major and metro cities in India and also provide Virtual Internships and summer training programs which help students to learn and earn.

These kinds of training and Internships may helpful for students to develop any skills and get a full-time job, as per their Interest. Freelancers, students, and employers can join this website at free and job posting on Intern shala is also free.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Intern Shala

6. Local Shout

Local shout is an Indian based platform for a job posting and hiring candidates and freelancers directly. The job postings on Local shout is free for everyone. You can easily register here via OTP verification.

This freelance website is work on all big and metro cities in India and helpful for getting jobs and freelance projects online or get jobs in their local cities.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Local Shout

7. Quicken Lancer

Quicken Lancer is offering a platform for freelancers and employers to start working together on one roof. They don’t charge any commission for posting jobs and also not providing any third party payment gateway. The freelancers and employers can use their own payment methods, as per their convenience.

Any Freelancer can register themselves here for getting hired. After joining they can bid on all kind of available projects and jobs. Currently, they are only allowed job posting on IT sector.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Quicken Lancer

8. Aileen Soul

Aileen soul is also providing remote jobs to freelancers and housewives. This is one of the top freelancing sites in India to join and earns decent money at home. They offer one step-free joining for freelancers and don’t charge any commission.

After successful joining, you may check and apply for jobs, according to your skills and interest. As an employer, you can post any kind of freelance jobs and projects here for hiring top talent.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Aileen Soul

9. Pehla Job

Pehla Job is a freelance platform who works as a job recruitment agency. This website is focused to provide job opportunities in India. They are providing all kind of jobs like freelance, a full-time job, part-time job, and Internships.

Any employer can directly post their job requirement here, using their job board to hire top talent. For applying on jobs, you need to sign up on Pehla Job.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Pehla Job

10. Crescendo Transcriptions

Crescendo Transcriptions is an Indian company founded by Mr. Lalit Rathi. They are offering Transcription jobs and other services to freelance workers and job seekers.

Transcription jobs are easy. Here you need to listen to audio which is mostly on Indian Regional language like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and type them in the English language.

you can apply for transcription jobs here. They are also providing translation and digital marketing services to clients and business.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Crescendo Transcriptions

11. Skills on Click

Skills on click is a project based freelance website to post jobs and hire remote workers fast. Here employers can post their job requirements and details without any cost and start getting bids on projects.

Any Interested and skilled freelancer can join Skill on Click by just sign up here via Email Id and Phone Number. This website works on all over India and provides talent near employer for their projects.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Skills On Click

12. Flit lance

Flit lance is another Indian based freelance marketplace for hire freelancers or seeking remote jobs. This website also works on the bidding system. After joining, you may able to bid on projects that suit your skills.

Here you can set your per-hour rates for getting hired. You also need to set your job profile first with the right details.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: FlitLance

13. Udyam Job

Udyam job is another freelancing platform to join. Here you can offer any kind of freelancing gigs like writing, advertisements, animation, digital marketing, programming business and more, according to your Interest. Freelancers on Udyam job can set your own rate between $3 to $50000 bucks.

You may also sell micro jobs on such as web traffic, logo design and more. They charge a small commission to freelancers for selling Gigs using Udyam job.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Udyam Job

14. Women Freelancer

Women freelancer is a dedicated website for women freelancers and women entrepreneur. The main aim of this site is to provide job opportunities for women who can’t go offer for work and want to get work under their homes or comfort zone.

This freelance website provides a platform for companies and employers to post their requirements and hire the best freelancer for their work. They don’t charge any extra commission for posting jobs or hiring freelancers.

After successful joining, freelancers start working on this platform. They’ll be notified when any client approaches her for hiring or when new projects available, according to her skills. They’ll get paid Via NEFT code, directly on her bank account.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Women Freelancer

15. Spot Task

If you looking for Indian based freelance websites for getting freelance jobs and remote projects then you can’t ignore spot task. As a remote worker, you can join here and start offering gigs in different categories like SEO, content writing, digital marketing, graphic designing and more.

As other freelance websites, spot task also provides a chance to freelancers to bid on ongoing projects, according to their skills and expertise.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Spot Task

16. Design N Idea

Design n Idea is an Indian freelance platform for the creative and skilled freelancer to show their potential and cash their creativity for a living.

Here freelancers can offer logo designs, packaging and label designing, book and poster covers and other creative gigs to clients and businesses at the affordable price. Their base Gig price starts with is $6 (400 INR).

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Design N Idea

17. Nerdy Turtlez

Nerdy Turtlez is founder by Mr. Abhishek Gupta and starts working till 2009 in India. This platform is one of the top freelancing sites in India who grow very fast globally.

All works process are simple in Nerdy Turtlez. If you want to join as a freelancer than qualify a test. After all, you start making money.

This website is focused on Content writing, SEO writing, Blog writing, Academic writing, and other writing gigs. However, you can also start with Infographic designing. If you are a content writer and looking for paid opportunities than this website may helpful to you for making money at home.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Nerdy Turtlez

18. Hello Intern

HelloIntern Is an Indian platform who provide internships to students, college graduate, and freshers. Here you can join as a student or as a company. The best part of this website is that they don’t charge any commission or subscription fees to students for providing jobs or posting job requirements.

As a fresher, any student can join paid or unpaid internships for getting experience and scale up their skills for future work. The candidates will be awarded along with certificate and experience latter after successful Internships.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Hello Intern

19. Rockers Top

Rockers top works all over in India and provides a platform for the local freelancer to register themselves and start selling their skills to other employers and clients.

Here you can Sign up as a freelancer or as a business person and you can also post your requirements for start getting proposals from local freelancers. You can choose the best talent for your work on rocker stop.

They have a variety of categories like freelancing, home services, Artists, Art and entertainment, Professional and training services where freelancers can join as per their skills and interest.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Rockers Top

20. Work Afy

Work Afy is a very popular Indian freelance website. All Indian remote freelancer can join this website for getting legitimately paid projects through clients and businesses. This is a free platform for freelancers and they charged only $10/months for featured freelancers.

They charged only 5% from contractors and $10 for featuring job post from clients. Here freelancer with any popular skills like It programming, web designing, Article writing, marketing, finance, and more can join for free and can start earning money.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Work Afy

21. Oyster Connect

Oyster Connect is India’s top virtual Internship websites which offer home-based virtual jobs and projects for remote freelancers. Here more than 60k students from different cities and colleges have already joined Oyster connect. You can also join their freelance community for getting Internships and work opportunities on a regular basis.

As a college student, Internships and virtual Internships are a great medium to gain experience and improve your skills with earning. The Employers may also register here and post their requirements, virtual projects can hire freelancers directly for their projects.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Oyster Connect

22. Scribblers India

Scribblers India is a content writing agency in India. They are providing content writing and article writing opportunities for Indian freelancers and housewives who are interested to work as a writer and ready to gain experience in content writing.

This is a new freelance agency and doesn’t have many resources, therefore they can’t pay high to freelance writers for content writing jobs but they provide a platform for freelancers for writing posts in different niches and earn some decent income.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Scribblers India

23. We Media

We media is a content-based website. Here as a freelancer, you can join and start posting articles and videos to make money. They also organize the competitions for freelancers where any freelancer can win prices.

They are supporting are Indian language including regular languages like Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, etc where you can choose your preferred language for writing articles.

After successful signup, you need a bank account and a Pan card number for withdraw payments to your bank accounts.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: We Media

24. Story Mirror

Story Mirror is not a freelancing website but here, you can join and participate in competitions organized by story mirror and win prices. If you win writing or poetry competitions here than your content be published on Story Mirror official website.

They provide a platform for creatives in India to writer contents, poetry, and other stuff as well as improve their writing skills at the same time.

They also support many regional languages similar to and they created a forum where new writers can get help with senior members. You can also earn INR 20 for referring friends.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Story Mirror

25. Word Play Content

Wordplay content is a simple content writing agency where you can apply for jobs related to content writing and SEO writing using their job board. For more Info and support, you can content them anytime.

Top Freelancing Sites in India

Join: Word Play Content

26. is a newbie freelance websites who start working recently in India. This freelance site has not much traffic and job projects but you can check out this website for selling your Gigs in India. 

29+ Top Freelancing Sites in India to Get Freelance Jobs Fast in 2019

27. Fam Beat

Fam beat is an Indian freelance agency that providing freelance work opportunities to new talented freelancers to work with them. They are hiring social media manager and freelance writer if you have those skills then you may apply here for getting hired by Fam beat team.

They also offer cheap SEO services to clients and new startups and also help them to scale up their business without wasting their precious time in other not so important tasks.

Join: Fam Beat

28. Startup4 Me

Startup4 me is another freelancing website that recruits Indian freelancers and provides them remote job opportunities. They provide opportunities in India, France, Germany, and Israel.

Their job posting is free for every client and they allow each job posting on here at least 60 days. They don’t charge any hidden fees from freelancers as well as clients.

Join: Startup 4 Me

29. Easy Hire

Easy is not a freelance platform but an agency who provide job opportunities and freelancing in India. They are working to fulfill the labor requirements of newborn startups and also recruited job seekers in those companies.

They claimed to provides jobs under 30 days or they refund full money to job seekers If they can’t.

Join: Eazy Hire

30. Rippers India

Rippers India is a platform for new startups in India and they help to recruit employees in India. They also offer different services to employers and business to grow their business. The employers can post their requirements here to hire talent for their companies.

Join: Ripples India

31. Pay Per Content

Pay per content is an India based Freelancing platform which provides freelance content writing jobs to students and housewives. As a freelancer, here you can join and choose any skills like article writing, blog writing and copywriting as per your skills for making remote money in India. 

The writers and editors will get paid via Paypal on each month, after completing their required task. Bloggers may also try this platform to scale up their skills for money.

Join: Pay Per Content

Wrapping up

These are the latest and top freelancing sites in India for starting freelancing career now in 2019 without any investment. Here in this article, I discussed Indian legitimate freelancing websites where freelancers and job seekers both can easily join and start making money without any experience.

Most of the time Indian freelancers can’t find any legit freelancing websites for joining, therefore this article will helpful for those freelancers, students, and housewives who looking for Internships and online jobs at free.

In my previous article, I shared about the 31 best freelance websites in India. you can also check out this article to join more freelance websites in India.

I hope these top Freelancing sites in India will help you to find jobs for you, according to your skills and expertise. If you find this article helpful than you may share these articles with others.

29+ Top Freelancing Sites in India to Get Freelance Jobs Fast in 2019

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