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25 Top Legitimate Micro Job Websites For Making Money Online

Freelance micro job websites are the best and legitimate platform for freelancers to make money online at home. They are providing a bridge for both freelancers and clients to connect and help each other.

As we know growing businesses are always looking for some workers who can complete their task online at bulk.

Now clients post their requirements in any of the freelance micro job websites and they divide projects into small microtask. These small tasks are very easy and short time consuming, they mostly like a fast sign up on any website, comment or share a blog post, Follow on Instagram, and more.

Micro job websites are providing the best platform for students, housewives, and others who want to make some remote money at home.

These Micro job websites may also helpful for Mom’s who want to make some money online in their spare time and don’t want to do a full-time job. 

In this article, I did mention 25  legitimate Micro jobs Websites where you can join and start making money online. I hope these 25 legitimate websites will helpful for you to start freelancing work at home.

How Do These Websites work?

The employer posts the tasks on the Micro job websites after depositing the payment to be made to the worker. This payment is kept held by the Micro job websites to avoid any non-payment issues. Then the sellers or taskers have to choose a task which they can do easily at the mentioned time.

After completion of the task, as per the employer’s demand, a worker will have to submit certain proofs of completing the task.

When workers submit the necessary proofs, they’ll get their payment through small task websites. 

Microtask websites usually don’t charge anything to sellers and micro taskers for joining and making money via their micro job websites.

Some big micro job websites like Fiverr charge a small fixed commission for their online services.

25 Best Legitimate Micro Jobs Websites

1. Job boy

Job boy is a small task website and a job board. As a freelancer, when you join Job boy then you find a small task here which takes to complete in just minutes and you’ll be paid after each complete task.

These tasks are very simple and less time-consuming. Mostly you get task such as Facebook likes, Youtube subscription, Tweets and follows, Sigh ups etc.

You can choose a small task here, according to your comfort before applying. You need to follow task guidelines and conditions to qualify for payments. Joins are free for freelancers and they use Paypal and Payza as their payment method.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Job boy

2. Pico Workers

Picoworkers is a small job website. Here you can sign up for free and start working remotely. In this micro job website, you’ve to do some small tasks like Facebook, Instagram like and share, Youtube subscription, writing reviews and signups and so on.

You’ll get paid for your small task. When you join Picoworkers, you’ll get a signup bonus of $0.75 and you can make more money through referral programmes.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Picoworkers

3. Click Worker

Click worker is a very popular and trusted freelance micro job website. This micro job site divides big projects into small tasks and distributes to their workers for fast result. They have a freelance community of more than 1 million remote workers.

This micro job websites offer small tasks and services to clients. They mostly offer services like video analysis, Image tagging, blog articles, SEO, surveys, Translation and, more. 

Joining process are very easy on click workers, just sign up here and fill your details. After joining, you’ve to choose and complete any short task here and you’ll get paid for your work each week or month as per your interest via PayPal. For more details read their Faq here.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Click worker

4. We Work Remotely

We work remotely is another remote freelance website to find work at home. Their job board update regularly and freelancers can submit their resumes directly to companies without any signup or third party software.

C0mpanies can easily post their job requirements on We work remotely. They have to pay a monthly fee of $299 to post a job here.

Micro Job Websites

Join: We work remotely

5. Yubster

Yubster is another platform to make money online in your spare time at home. They are a freelance micro job website that provides a platform for both employer and freelancers to work remotely.

Joining is free on Yubster and they give you $10 for sign up here. You can earn extra $1 when anyone joins Yubster via your referral link.

After successful signup, freelancers and employers both can post their requirement and sell services on their website at free.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Yubster

6. Cheap Jobs

Cheap jobs is a freelance micro job website where you can anything at any price. Their gig price starts with $1 buck. Here you can offer any remote services to your clients for money like promotions, writing, tweeting, backlinking, marketing, traffic anything you like most and will comfortable to deliver easily.

You can sign up here for free, after joining you can start selling your gig on cheap jobs. You just need to set your price and delivery time of your gig and you’ll start making money.

Clients also can find some cheap micro-task here to grow their online business or websites.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Cheap Jobs

7. Fiverr Up

Fiverr up is a clone website of Fiverr and a freelance micro job website for the remote work. They offer cheap and affordable freelance services at home. If you are a freelancer then this website is a great choice for you to get remote jobs at home.

They provide a platform for both buyers and sellers to buy and sell freelance services between $4 to $100 bucks. Here freelancers can join their website for free and they can offer any kind of microwork, according to their matching skills and interest.

Buyers can directly post their requirements here on Fiverr up. When any clients post their requirement on Fiverr up then freelancers need to bid on projects to get work fast on Fiver up.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Fiverr Up

8. Damongo

Damongo is another freelance micro job website. They offer micro jobs in different types of category like business, graphic design, online marketing, programming, animation, and more. There Gig ranges are $5, $10, $20 and 50.

Freelancers can join this freelance micro job websites. After joining they can start selling their Gigs here. They can choose any price for selling their gig, according to their work and experience.

This Micro job site work on a bidding system. Here clients post their requirements and their budget price.

They receive proposals through freelancers then they hire any freelancers for work as per their personal choice and requirement. Clients can directly hire a freelancer for work to just see their job profile and rating.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Damongo

9. Task Army

Task army is also a remote micro job website. All the work process on task army are easy and simple. If you need any type of remote work instantly then Task army may be a great choice for you.

They are not working with a bidding concept that means clients can directly communicate with the freelancer before hiring, according to their requirements.

Freelancers can join Task army for free. As a freelancer, If you join their freelance community then you can work here both per hour basis as well as on a fixed price.

Task army offers a variety of services to their clients, therefore you can choose any freelance service like copywriting, SEO, Data entry, web design, Virtual Assistant, and more.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Task Army

10. Findeavor

Findeavor is another Fiverr alternative website to find remote work at cheap. You can find freelance gigs here between $5 to $300 bucks. This website connects remote freelancers and provides a platform to sell their Gigs at home.

If you are a freelancer and searching for a remote website to grab new freelance opportunities then you can register yourself on Findeavor for free.

If any clients interested to buy your freelance services then they simply connect you and they pay you your money after completing any task.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Findeavor

11. Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk is also a small task website. Clients all over the world are always looking for small taskers for their remote work.

These types of work like identifying objects in a photo or video, researching data details can’t be done by computers. Therefore companies hire small taskers to do their task for money.

Mturk helps Companies to save their valuable time and money.  If you like to work remotely then you can join Mturk small taskers community to make some money in your spare time.

Micro Job Websites

Join: M Turk

12. Hive Micro

Hive Micros is also a micro job site where you can make a few dollars at home by doing small tasks. If you want to earn money through Hire Micro, You’ve to sign up here first.

After joining you need to complete some Micro tasks on hire Micro and you’ll start making remote money at home in your free time. You’ll get paid via PayPal.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Hive Micros

13. Micro workers

Micro workers is another small task website with more then 1.2millian taskers worldwide. As a freelancer micro worker, you can join Microtask. All the working process on Microtask is easy and understandable for everyone.

Here you find ready-made templates for your task. You can choose any of the templates, according to your requirement and then you can use these template to complete your task easily and effectively. These templates will surely save your time.

Freelancers have to complete some small task like data mining, data matching, content comparison, surveys, and more to get paid on Micro worker. These tasks take a few minutes to complete.

You can be a client or a small tasker at the same time. Therefore if you love remote work then you can give a try to micro works for making some money. You can also start a campaign for your online business to get cheap taskers.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Micro workers

14. Mini Jobz

Mini Jobz is also a remote task website for taskers and employers. Whether you are a student or a mom, you can make some money using this platform in your spare time at home.

Mini Jobz is a simple freelance micro job website to join and make some remote money or boost your business.

If you are a remote tasker or an employer both can join Mini jobs for free and connects with each other. Job postings are free here.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Mini Jobz

15. Rapid Workers

Rapid workers also provide a great platform for micro workers to make a few dollars in their spare time. They are gaining more popularity day by day with a large community of 100k freelance micro workers.

Clients and employers can take advantage of this platform for getting cheap online micro jobs for their business.

Here micro workers can do such small tasks like website promotion post reviews, social media shares, and more for clients at a low price.

As a Micro worker, anyone can join rapid workers for free and earn some money at home in their free time.

Micro Job Websites

Join: Rapid workers

More Freelance Micro Job Websites for Making Money:

Below are a few more freelance micro job websites where you can join and start working remotely for International clients and brands at home.

You should try to join all these freelance micro job websites and start your freelancing career without any professional degree and professional knowledge. 

You just need a computer, an Internet connection, and some basic Internet knowledge to start remote work. Join these freelance micro job websites and start freelancing without any Investment at home and earn a few bucks per month at your spare time.

16. Skyword

17. Scribie

18. Dataprolinking

19. One Space

20. Gig Walk

21. Spare 5

22. Air Tasker

23. Playment.io

24. Earnably

25. Click N Work

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