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Get Paid to Write Articles Online: 20 Highest Paying Freelance Writing Sites

Get Paid to Write Articles Online: 20 Highest Paying Freelance Writing Sites

If you are a freelance and want to get paid to write articles online or provide any other freelance services then there are many freelancers niches and websites like freelance virtual assistant websites and freelance web developer websites are available on the internet.

You can easily join these websites to make money online as per your interest. If you are good at writing then freelance content writing is a good option for you. You’ll get paid to articles, Press release and blogs on using these websites.

There are many trusted Indian freelance websites available on the internet who are providing freelance jobs for content writers and others as well. Many other freelance websites like Fiverr are also here who offer the same freelance services.

These freelance websites will pay you for your online content writing work. You’ll find the best 20 freelance websites for remote content writing jobs in this article.

Contentmart is a popular creative writing website that gives you the chance to get paid to write articles online. They are providing content related work like content creation, content editing, and unique, ready-made articles.

They have a big community of 100k skilled writers. Writers are very responsive to contentment and they offer cheap content writing services to clients.

As we are aware, nothing is fixed in the world and things are change during a period of time. Now the journey of Contentmart has been stopped and they are no more available for content writing services from 22/08/2018.

The Best alternatives to Contentmart

Therefore we have to move on to find some best alternative to contentmart which can give us the relief of this uncertain damage. I am going to share with you some great freelance content writing websites. They may help you to find the content writing job or content writing work.

If you want to grab some best free remote content writing opportunities or find content related work at a fair price then read the full article. You’ll get something helpful for you.

1. Media Bistro

Media Bistro is not just a freelance content writing platform but also a job board where freelancers can join and they’ll get paid to write articles online, Contents and blog post. They also sell online courses which you can buy to enhance your knowledge and skills.

As a freelancer, you can join Media bistro for making online money but this website is not free for writers. They have both monthly and annual plans for joining. Their monthly plan starts at $21 per month and the annual plan starts at $145 per year, including a 1-month free trial.

This freelance website is designed for experienced writers and freelancers and provide them with great opportunities for making big money.

They are working with some big brands and agencies, hence if you join them you’ll get paid to write articles online here and you can also experience working for big brands and companies.

Many big companies are posting both part-time and full-time job opportunities on this website, where you should apply for getting content work. 

Visit: Media Bistro

2. Slogan Slinger

As we know many big brands are getting very popular because of their slogan. Big companies are always willing to pay thousands of dollar for a great slogan.

Many start-up companies are launching a new brand and hire an expert writer to create a simple and effective slogan that make their brand viral.

More than 80% of brands are getting popularity, trust, and credibility, just because of their slogan. If you are a freelance writer and enjoy creative works then you must join the slogan slinger.

The working process is very simple on slogan slinger. When clients post their requirement and set their price then content writers have to submit their best work to getting accepted by the client. After accepted by clients, you’ll get paid to write slogans.

Visit: Slogan Slinger

3. Naming Force

Naming force is business name provider website. Their main aim to provide the best business names for their clients. Most of the startups are struggling to find the best suitable name for their business, therefore they can find the best names here for their business.

Any clients can start a contest at just $199 dollar on naming force and they offer more than 1k names to chose for business, mostly 500names has to compete on each other. They help to create any type of business name, product name, domain names, and taglines for clients.

They start the contest in three phases and at last client has to choose a favorite name. The winner of the contest will get paid to write articles online and the best business name for clients on name force. Any creative person can join naming force for free but most importantly they need to have citizenship from U.S. or Canada.

Visit: Naming Force

4. Witty Pen

Wittypen is another freelance remote website for content writers and bloggers. They providing a platform where freelance writers and content creators can join their writing community for making money and building a career in content writing or academic writing.

Joining on wittypen is free for freelance writers and contributors. All joining process is easy and similarly as I described above, earlier in this article.

For joining each freelancer has to submit their form with the best sample work on Wittypen. After successful joining, You can choose projects for working and you’ll start making money for your content wring work. You’ll get paid to write articles online here on a regular basis via bank transfer or PayPal account.

Visit: Witty Pen

5. Writers Hub

Writing Hub is specially created websites for writers and content creators. They are connecting clients to the best matching skill writers. They have a great team of freelance content writers who do their job at home without any hassle. 

Joinings are free on Writers Hub. You’ve to sign up here for joining and once selected, you’ll be a part of their remote freelancing team. For getting selected on Writershub, you just need to pass out a writing test to show your writing skills.

They are working with clients on a global scale, therefore getting regular freelancing work is not the very tuff job on writers hub. If you really want to work remotely, you should join them to make online money. You’ll get paid via Paypal or bank checks.

Visit: Writers Hub

6. Content Dada

Content Dada is another freelance content marketplace. They connect content seekers and content writers together in one place. Clients can join content Dada to find best content work, according to their requirement and content writers can join for getting more freelance writing opportunities.

Freelance writers may join content Dada for free and they don’t need to pay clients for getting work. They’ll get paid to write contents here for clients. Their secure automated payment system makes work more reliable on content Dada. 

Content Dada is not a very popular content marketplace as others, therefore writers will not have to wait long for getting content writing work. 

Visit: Content Dada

7. Crowd Content

Crowd content is another remote content writing website. They are creating an opportunity to get paid to write articles online at home. They offer a variety of content writing work like article writing, blog writing, Facebook post, Review writing, SEO content and more.

As a freelance content writer or SEO agency, you can join their 5k writer’s community to show their writing skills for free.  They provide fair payout rates to their freelance writers and editors.

Many big brands like Shopify, WordPress, and MailChimp are connected with crowd content for their content need.

Visit: Crowd Content

8. iWriter

Iwriter is a fastest-growing content marketplace to find the best content work for your business. They offer four plans, standard, premium, elite, elite plus to choose and hire a content writer or place an order on iwriter. Their standard plan starts with $3.30 bucks for 500 words.

They mostly provide Articles, blog posts, Press releases, and ebooks. As a freelancer, If you want to join their freelance community then you should have some skills and experience in content writing field for getting hired fast.

The Minimum payouts are $20 for freelancers to withdraw their earning on iwriters. They use secure Paypal account for their all International payments.

You may also join their affiliate program for making some more money. They’ll pay you 50% of their earning on each deposit made by clients through your affiliate link.

Visit: iWriter

9. Pay Per Content

Pay per content also offers high-quality contents for clients and online business. They are hiring freelance content writers and contributors and provide a great opportunity to get paid to write articles and make money at home.

As a freelancer, you are free to work here on your convenience and make as much money as you can. Joining is free in Pay per content and you’ll be paid via your PayPal account.

If you want to join Pyper content and want to show your creativity then send them your resume at

Visit: Pay per Content

10. White Panda

White panda is an Indian based freelance content website. They offer to provide proofread and plagiarism free content. They are focused to provide content and article to brands and clients within 72 hours.

White panda provides content writing work in different packages like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Their basic blog post rate starts at INR 500.

As a freelancer, you can sign up here for free and join their content writer’s team to get paid to write articles and blogs.

Visit: White Panda

11. Text broker

Text broker is a great platform for the writers who want to show their passion and skills of writing, This content marketplace gives the freelancer a chance to work for different clients and make online money.

The aim of the text broker is to connect clients and authors together in one platform. They are providing content, blog post and affiliate review to their clients.

They are focused on U.S. based freelance authors and offer budget and quality content, according to demand. If you live in the U.S.A then It’s a great opportunity for you to join text broker at free and make remote money.

As a freelance content writer, you get high payouts and consistent work on text broker. Their minimum PPW rate is 0.7 cent. 

How The Text broker works:

You just sign up and verify your U.S. citizenship then you have to submit your sample work on text broker. After this step, their editors will analysis your sample and give you a rating, according to your work. Now you start your work on text broker, your payout rates will be depended on your rating.

Visit: Text Broker

12. Clear Voice

ClearVoice is an amazing freelance content writing website for beginners. They connect brands and agencies to their freelance content writers and content marketers. Once you submit your CV in a clear voice, you can start getting freelance writing work here. 

As a freelancer, you can free sign-up here and set your own rate for getting paid. If you want to be successful on Clear voice then you need to focus on your CV.  A great CV will help you to get more proposals fast. 

When any assignment work is matched with your CV and your rate then you’ll get your job and start making money. You can use their messaging services to chat with your clients. After finishing your job, You’ll be paid via your  PayPal account.

Visit: Clear Voice

13. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing gigs is an online community of online freelance writers, bloggers, editors, translators, technical writer and more. This freelance website work as a job board where companies that willing to pay $30 for 30 days can post job openings and hire freelance writers.

The job board updated on a daily basis. If you looking for a new freelance writing opportunity to getting paid to write articles online then you’ll find here some great remote jobs in full time or part-time, as per your interest.

They tie up with popular remote website Flexjobs, therefore you get more remote jobs opportunities on freelance writing gigs.

If you still fresher in content writing and struggling to find some writing tips on how to start writing or get paid to write articles then this website might help you.

They also offer guest posting on their website where you can share your experience and share some tips with your fellow bloggers.

Visit: Freelance Writing Gigs

14. Problogger

Problogger is a very popular blogging community with 300k bloggers. As a blogger, if you looking for any content writing or blogging opportunity to make online income then you must join ProBlogger freelance community.

Here you find various remote jobs like content writing, Content Marketing, content manager, social media specialist, and more. You can also apply for any available online jobs on their job portal, according to your skills and expertise.

Many International clients are posting job vacancies on their job portal. Available Jobs are regularly updated. You are free to choose jobs part-time, remote jobs full-time jobs, according to your comfort and availability. 

Postings on job porters are not free on ProBlogger. They charge a $70 fee for job posting for 30 days. 

Visit: Problogger

15. Contently

Contently is one of the leading freelance content marketplaces. They provide high-quality content at fair prices. They have an active team of experienced writers and editors who construct the content strategy and provide great written content.

Contently having an amazing group of freelance content writers where you can join for free and will get paid to write articles online at your own place. You can also check how much writers get paid here for their writing and editing work. Their payout rates vary depending on your content and niche but they provide high payout rates on each article. 

They also have a few job opportunity, mostly in new york city. If you have enough experience and want to work with contently then you must apply for a job on contently.

Visit: Contently


Finding a freelance job opportunity is never end till you get a good job. If you looking to grab more freelance writing opportunities then is another good choice for you. has started working since 1997 and now providing high-quality content globally.

They have a community of 5000 freelance content writers and researchers who work remotely for has no time bounding, therefore you can work anytime and anywhere for them.

Whether you are a housewife, a student or a writer does not matter. They are providing freelance writing opportunities for everyone.

Joining on is a very easy and simple process, you just sign up here and join their community for free. If they approve your job proposal then they’ll provide you best clients for content writing without any cost and you’ll get paid to write articles and start making money with

They use PayPal, Skrill, Alert pay and Wire transfer as their payment method. You can use any of them for getting your payments in


17. Dot Writer

Dotwriter is an online article marketplace who provide content for blogs, websites, and brands. They have more than 10k freelance contributors. They offer high-quality articles to clients and brands, according to demand.

If you are a client and looking for originally written content at a cheap price, you can join Dot writer for free. You’ll get paid to write articles online as well as blogs and web contents for fast money. Freelancers can also join Dot writer to sell their contents and articles for making online money.

All working process is simple and easy for freelancers and clients. freelancers can join Dot writer for free and submit their best work at Dot writer. They’ll get paid to write contents and articles via PayPal for their sold content or your writing job.

After sign up, clients can see listed contents to choose the best-written content as per their need and requirement. They use Paypal as their first payment method.

Visit: Dot Writer

18. Scripted

Scripted is one of the very popular as well as the trusted website in freelance copywriting. They have a freelance writers community and you can join them by signing up here.

Working process on Scripted is very simple, First, you’ve to pass a test for joining and then you need to create an attractive profile to get more proposals for clients.

After all, you’ve to offer your proposal to your clients and when they select your proposal then you’ll get paid after submitting your work. If you have some good content writing experience then you can be an editor on Scripted.

Here you’ll get so many work opportunity and they’ll pay you automatically after 5 days when an assignment is accepted. Now scripted accept remote content writing at 19 countries. Therefore you can work at home with scripted.

Visit: Scripted

19. Writer Access

Writer access is one of the fastest-growing freelance content writing platforms. They offer all kind of writing works like content writing, blog writing, copywriting social posts and more.

They have different plans for clients where they can buy any membership, according to their need, Their basic plan starts at $39/month for one user.

As a content writer, you can join Writer access and you’ll get paid to write articles and blog post. They provide high payout rates to their writers.

They’ll pay their writers or editors according to the rating. Any 6-star writer can earn $70 on each 1000 word content writing. You get your rate, according to your writing skills and expertise.

You can make more money by joining their job board. They pay a flat fee for different jobs such as content strategies, Influencers, designers and more.

Visit: Writer Access

20. Writer Bay

If you are a content writer and searching for a good remote writing opportunity to make money then probably you may not ignore Writer bay. This website is not just a freelance writing website but also work as a job board.

Write bay provides great opportunities in different countries like India, USA, UK and so on. As a content writer, you can join Writer bay for free and you’ll get paid to write blog post and contents.

You just need to pass a grammatical test to join their freelance writing community. Here you can get high payout rates as high as $20 bucks per page.

They’ll pay you between the 16th and the 20th of each month via Paypal, Payoneer, bank transfer and web money. Writers get paid when they earn $100 bucks on their account but if they stop working with Writer bay then they can withdraw all their balance at the same time.

You can join the referral program on Writer bay to making more money. They’ll pay 3% commission on each order, completed by your link.

Visit: Writer Bay

Wrapping Up

I hope these Contentmart alternative websites will help you to find remote jobs and content writing projects. You can easily get paid to write articles online, using these websites. These are very trusted and reliable content writing websites for getting paid writing opportunities.

They could be a great part of your working life. As a client, they may help you to find great written content online at a cheap price. 

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