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Freelancing Websites in India: 31 Top Freelance Websites for Getting Work

The Best and Latest Freelancing Websites in India 2019

If you are looking for the best Freelance Websites in India for hiring freelancers or start freelancing then check out these top freelance websites for getting hired fast and working from home.

As a job seeker, If you are still struggling to find any trusted freelance platform to start your freelance career or hire remote workers then these freelance websites will help you to get regular freelance projects and hire legit freelancers. If you don’t know how to start freelancing in India then you’ll find your answer here in this article.

It’s always difficult to start freelancing in India especially for beginners and housewives. Therefore, now I’m going to tell you about the best freelancing websites in India which you can join now and start earning money online from today.

Regular 9 to 5 Job’s are not always the best and first choice for everyone in India or anywhere in the world, therefore many peoples want to work in their own conditions and comfort. Freelancing provides them the freedom to work as they like and as they want.

Freelancing is always the great choice for those who want financial freedom in their life and don’t want any boss, so It’s a perfect time to start freelancing and be your own boss.

1.Youth 4 Work

Youth4work is not just a freelance marketplace it’s like a Talent board. Firstly, you have to complete some tests before joining. These tests show your skill and experience and the test results are reflected in the profile.

The top companies or businesses seeking talented people with similar skills and experience contact you directly. You can also follow these companies to get hired fast. You have the options to get hired full-time, part-time, join internships or remote jobs at home.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Youth4Work

2. Yellow Bulbs

Yello bulbs are the top marketing based freelancing websites in India which specially designed for Digital marketing jobs. The clients or agencies may choose yellow bulbs to fulfill their marketing needs.

As a freelancer, you can offer various services here just like other marketplaces. This is the place who offer freelancers to show their marketing skills and ability to earn online money.

Join: Yello Bulbs

3. Fix Pocket

Fixpocket is an India micro job website and a good freelance marketplace to start. Anyone who can do remote work in any categories Like programming, digital marketing, writing. editing, business consulting and more.

As a freelancer, you can start here with the least bid price 200 (INR) or you can choose any price according to your work and expertise.

Getting a job here is very simple you don’t need to bid on projects, Clients can directly hire you according to their need and you get paid for it. Fixpocket doesn’t charge any extra commission. Therefore, I include Fix pocket to the top freelancing websites in India.

Join: Fix pocket

4. Guru

Guru is one of the best freelancing websites in India which are founded by Inderpal Gulani. They could be count on a list of few websites who established as the freelance marketplace in 1999 at Pittsburgh. They have a huge community of more than 3 million freelancers, around the world.

Now they are working with International clients and freelancers in all major countries. They provide them a secure platform to collaborate with each other and fulfill their requirements at a friendly environment.

As a freelancer, you can join their freelance community and choose any skills which suit you, in a large number of categories. They charge only 8.95% fee from every freelancer with the basic plan and charge up to 4.95% with a maximum $39.95 monthly subscription plan user.

For clients, they only charge a 2.5% processing fee on every payment which is less in comparison to Upwork, 3% processing fee.

Here freelancers can set their own per hour rate for getting hired or can bid on the latest project as per their per hour rate or a fixed price. They use PayPal as their preferred payment method.

Join: Guru

5. Ncube Root

Indian freelancers can start their freelancing journey with Ncuberoot. This website helps freelancers to find the best matching jobs for him.

They can pick up projects matching their skills from a large pool of quality filled projects from various fields like web developing, web applications, Graphics designing, SEO, Online shopping site designing and Android development according to their skills.

Ncuberoot focuses on IT-related jobs and gives freelancers a chance to make a career in the growing IT sector. This site also a great choice for those who searching for legit freelancing websites in India.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Ncube root

6. Hire Sine

Hire sine starts working till 2013 and now become one of the very popular freelance platforms in India for getting online jobs fast, according to your skills. They help Individual freelancers, students, housewives, and others to earn handsome money at home.

They are focused on providing content related jobs to freelancers and remote workers, therefore if you have any writing skills regarding content writing than hire sine will be helpful to you for making online money. Freelancers can directly apply for getting jobs here.

Any clients, around the world, can post their job requirement on hire sine to hire skilled freelancers at a cheap price. Freelancers will get paid here via Paypal, bank transfer or gift vouchers. 

Join: Hire Sine

7. Design Hill

Designhill also a very popular one, freelancing websites in India and also a great Indian graphic designing marketplace similar to 99design for joining. They offer a platform for designers to take part in and earn remote money.

If you are graphic designers and looking for a great platform for showing your skills and make money then sign up on DesignHill, participate in projects and earn money. Publishers and webmasters can also join their affiliate program to earn money.

They offer high-quality logos, web design, graphic design for their clients at an affordable price. Clients can post their requirements or directly invite the designer by looking at their portfolio.

Join: Design Hill

8. is the Indian version of popular freelance marketplace This site is one of the top freelancing websites in India and optimized for Indian freelance market. You can find all project listing here in INR.

As a freelancer you need to bid on projects, win, compete and receive payment through online bank transfer or check.

If you are looking to take home some serious money then you should definitely be here. Here you can earn huge money but you’ve to face high competition for getting projects through clients.


9. Engineer Babu

I choose EngineerBabu for best freelancing websites in India because of Its popularity and trustworthy. This website is a well-established freelance platform for freelancing work and focuses on IT related projects in India. Here you find the best Android and web developers.

As a freelancer, you can simply bid on projects related to your skills, which posted by clients and start working on it.

Here you need to compete with other freelancers for getting new projects so you can’t get more projects in a month.

Join: Engineer Babu

10. Insta Taskers

Insta Tasker is an Indian based freelance platform for both freelancers and clients. Any freelancer who wants to earn online money can join Insta Tasker free and choose any task like Marketing, Web-developing, Content writing as per their interest.

As a freelancer, you don’t need to bid on the project, you get your project here as per your rating, skills, and ability.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Insta Tasker

11. Dream Start

Dream start is an Indian Job board website. Many of the Indian startup companies come here to find an employee. Here you can find jobs in different conditions like Full time, part-time, freelance, co-founder, Internship and Temporary. You can search for jobs in different categories as well and choose as per your interest.

Therefore, If you looking for any kind of home-based freelancing projects for getting a remote work then you should check out Dream start to find great job opportunities.

Join: Dream start

12. Freelance India

Freelance India is a great choice if you looking for the top freelancing websites in India, and they have been working for almost a decade now.

The site UI and UX are little tricky and hard to read but if you tweak around here and there you’d be able to figure out how to find good high-quality work on the website.

The site offers both paid and free options. You can either become a free member or get a paid membership.

If you compare it with other freelancing websites in India then you are at a slight disadvantage as a freelancer because finding jobs on this portal is really hard.

Join: Freelancer India

13. TooGit

Toogit is another Indian freelancing site with more than 100k freelancers. Here freelancers can do anything like web development, writing, SEO, marketing. So just choose your niche and start earning money.

The good thing is that they charge only 8% commission which is very reasonable and TooGit don’t charge any payment gateway fee, unlike other freelancing websites in India.

Join: TooGit

14. For Lancer

Forlancer is another remote Indian freelance website to find work at home. Here you’ll find programmers, web developers, SEO experts, content writers, etc at your budget price.

As a freelancer, you can simply join Forlance and when any Client will post their project on Forlance, you can send them your proposal here and after approved by the client, you get your job.

Join: Forlancer

15. True Lancer

Truelancer is one of the highest paying freelancing websites in India for freelancers where freelancers can not just only win freelance projects in a different field but also can share their services.

Here Clients can hire Developers, Designers, Content Writers, Virtual Assistants, Mobile App Developer and many other professionals at their per hour rate or a fixed project price.

Any freelancer who looking for any remote job or opportunities here can also place a bid on the projects and If their job biding would be accepted by the client, they’ll be paid via Paypal or other chosen methods.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Truelancer

16. Mjobrr

Mjobrr is an Indian freelance marketplace, focused on micro job works like marketing, designing, animation, etc. As a freelancer, you can join Mjobrr for just sign up then you can set your bid price and wait for your order.

They charge 10% commission from every gig. Here clients have to pay money in INR and they use PayUmoney as a payment gateway. Mjobrr is the also best freelancing websites in India for beginners.

Join: Mjobrr

17. Work N Hire is an Indian freelance marketplace, offering a platform for businesses and freelancers to collaborate and grow. freelancers can add their websites on work N hire for a better result.

The working model is similar to other freelancing websites in India. You can join Work N hire with sign up, fill out your profile, mention skills, and experience and start bidding on projects.

All payments will be done in the INR and their escrow modal makes payment secure.

Join: Work N Hire

18. Touch Talent

TouchTalant is a great freelance marketplace or a social community focused on creative freelancers and artist. As a freelancer, you can sell any of your digital services like paintings, photos, music, animation, poetry and more in touchTalent.

Freelancers on may sell their paintings at a fixed price or an auction price for earning money.

Join: Touch Talent

19. The Flexi Port

The Flexi port is one of the popular project-based freelancing websites in India where freelancers can find a project from different cities in India. They are showing themselves as a medium to create a professional network. Here clients can post their project himself or with Flexi port and hire freelancers according to their need.

It’s not your typical “bidding” freelancing websites in India where you need to bid on projects. It is good for small business and startups to outsource their work and hire an expert freelancer.

Join: The Flexi Port

20. Mission Kya

MissionKya is one of the amazing freelancing websites in India for freelancers to grab remote jobs opportunities at home. Here, freelancers have to pass out a simple test before starting. This freelance website works on a full bidding system and doesn’t charge any extra amount to freelancers for any job done by freelancers.

As a freelancer, you have to bid on each project posted by clients, according to your skills. You get your payment within 24 hours, after completing the project.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Mission Kya

21. Remote La

I’ve to include remotela in the list of best remote freelancing websites in India because of Its incredible performance and fast growth. This marketplace is a great choice for beginners and students.

As a freelancer, anyone can join remotela free and the best thing is that they don’t charge any commission to you for any job post or freelancing work.

They give you full freedom to do any remote work like web design, programming, admin support, advertisement, and SEO, as per your skill and ability. Here you get project direct from clients or you can bid for getting project work.

Join: RemoteLa

22. Expronto

Expronto is an Indian labor marketplace with lots of job categories and segments. As a freelancer, you can do anything just like web-designing, animations, digital marketing, Photography and much more. You can join Expronto according to your niche.

Here you have to search for projects and bid on projects after biding you have to connect the project owner on Facebook. You can offer services directly to the customer and get the order. They charge 10% commission on each order received through their platform.

Join: Expronto

23. Broxer

This is another great freelance marketplace for Indian freelancers and remote workers. Here any freelancer can join broxer for free and start selling their Gigs with least Gig price 250 INR or more and there is no limit on base Gig price.

This site is a fastest growing freelancing websites in India and Legit website for any freelance services like designing, writing, programming and more, therefore I include, this remote site in my list of best freelancing websites in India for getting remote projects.

They charge only 2% commission on every successful transaction. They accept PayPal (USD), PayUMoney (INR), Bank transfer (INR) for payment.

Join: Broxer

24. Appro Hire

Approhire is another India freelance website that provides remote jobs and opportunities. This website is focused on web development and app development. Therefore, if you have relevant skills then you can try this website for getting projects from clients.

A freelancer and employer both can join here for free. They don’t charge any extra for posting jobs or freelancers can bid on projects here up to 50 projects per month, additionally, they charge $10 bucks for 10 extra bid in a month.

Here, Freelancers can apply for projects directly as per hour rate or a fixed rate. They take 3% of commissions from freelancers on each transaction.

Join: Appro Hire

25. Fabrito

Starting on Fabrito is very easy, you can sign up here as a freelancer and start selling your services. Your Gig price must be in between 300 (INR) to 50k (INR).

This is an Indian based freelance marketplace and they charge 18% commission on each service. You get your payment through a bank transfer within 10 days after successful delivery of service.

freelancing websites in india

Join: Fabrito

26. Ilmosys Studio

Ilmosys studio is an Indian based freelance platform and a community of top designers, developers, WordPress SEO, copywriter, and digital marketing experts. If you are a Newbie then this is the amazing freelancing websites in India to start a freelancing job and make online money.

You can create an account there, post your services and wait for orders. Payout methods are “PayPal and Bank Transfers“. This freelance marketplace is a part of

Join: Ilmosys studio

27. FlexiPle

Flexiple is an Indian freelance site and a marketplace. Any freelancer can easily join Flexiple for free. Before getting started here, you need to pass a screen test, conducted by Flexible. After the screen test, you can able to apply for projects, posted by clients.

They don’t charge any commission to freelances or clients for any job post. Freelancers get paid here according to their per hour rate.

Join: Flexiple

28. On Contract

On contract is an Indian contract based marketplace. Any freelancer can find a job here on the basis of a full-time, part-time or one-time contract. On contract focus on such categories like IT, Retail, Account and Finance, Sales and so on.

This is the best freelancing websites in India for startup companies to find best-suited professional for their company and they don’t charge to freelancers to respond to contracts.

If you are a beginner and want to work on Internship in India then you must try This is an amazing Indian Internship recruiter site for students who want to earn good pocket money in their college life.

Join: On contract

29. Flexing It

Flexing It is an Indian job board website for freelancers who work in such field like marketing, HR, Finance IT. As a freelancer, you have to submit your résumé here and then you’ll get the best suitable projects If any project is available for you. 

They look like the trusted freelancing websites in India with their 50k skilled freelancers. If you are good at working on project-based work then you should join Flexing it.

Join: Flexing IT

30. Go HyP

This is another very interesting freelance website in India. The main reason I include GoHyP in best Freelancing Websites in India is that this website offers freelance jobs suited for technical professionals such as engineers and web designer.

GoHyp is basically a project-based freelance website where technical professional and freelancer find a suitable job, according to their experience.

As a freelancer, you have to bid on projects and when clients approved your bid then you’ll get your projects and remote jobs.

Join: GoHyP

31. Digitize India

Digitize India is a platform created by the government of India. This platform is not a typical freelance website but they provide work from home opportunities. Here any Indian citizen whether you are a student, housewives or job holder all can join this website to make money on their spare time.

Before starting here, you need to register here first with your Aadhar number which should be linked with your bank account or Jan Dhan account.

After successful registration, you have to start work here with your smartphone or computer. The works are basically typing or data entry work which anyone can easily do at their own place.

When you have successfully finished your work then you will earn some reward points here, later these reward points are converted in cash and deposit to your linked bank account.


Wrapping Up

I hope this article will help you to find the best freelance websites for beginners as well as experienced freelancers in India. If you want to know more about freelancing then you must check out these best Fiverr Alternatives to get started selling Gigs.

This article will surely help you to find more legit freelance websites like content writing in India. There are hundreds of freelance websites and many Indian freelance websites available on the internet to find remote Work or hire freelancers but most of them are not getting very much popularity and traffic as Fiverr and Upwork have.

If you want to ask something about freelance jobs or anything related to freelancing and remote work. you can comment me below and If you like this article then don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. 🙂

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