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Freelance WordPress Developer Jobs Similar to Top Coder in 2019

As you are aware, IT and Technology Industries is growing very fast in the past couple of years. All local businesses like shops and showrooms are shifting their businesses online through websites and apps. The new startup and companies are focusing to update their businesses up to date to compete with others.

In the present time, thousands of new websites are registering each day, therefore they’ve to maintain their databases, software, and gadgets continuously. Nowadays, the business owner doesn’t have that much time to organize interviews and hire different employees for different tasks and projects.

Therefore, organizations are preferring to hire candidates through remote platforms directly by checking profiles or taking screen tests. The concept of freelancing is now not limited with just micro jobs but also have much potential to provide remote jobs to web developers and designers in this freelancing era.

The online business owners also wish to hire remote workers for their short time projects because that saves their lot of time, efforts and money. Now, they can use that time for better creatives works to grow their businesses much faster. Below you’ll find a list of top websites which are offering freelance WordPress developer jobs at home.

Which are the websites that offer Freelance WordPress Developer Jobs

1. Solo Gig

If you enjoying coding and tech-related stuff than Sole gig can be a helpful website for you to find your next freelancing project. As a remote freelancer, you can sign up here and you can apply for jobs here on different categories such as software engineering, networking, database admin, computer support and other jobs.

You can watch out their job board for all available jobs and the latest hirings in different companies. Here you can apply for remote jobs, as per your skills and interest.

Join: Solo Gig 

2. Authentic Jobs

Authentic jobs seem the perfect website to join for freelance WordPress developer jobs remotely. International companies and clients are posting their job requirements here. They charge $300 bucks to 30 days for posting jobs here.

As a developer, you’ll get jobs here regarding the web developer, UX  designer, project manager, and more and can be any type like full time, part time ao remote. They have a very easy navigating system where the developer and web designers can choose various jobs, using different tags like skills, locality, salary, and job levels.

Join: Authentic Jobs

3. Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is another very popular platform for finding freelance WordPress developer jobs. You can check out their job board for getting your desired jobs at free. Thousands of web developer jobs are posted here and their jobs board are daily updated with new postings.

They are working with big MNC like Facebook, google, amazon, etc and provide high quality and the best paying jobs as well as remote projects to skilled developers.

Join: Stack Overflow

4. Dice

Dice is also a big job recruiter company where freelance developers can find opportunities for getting hired. As a web developer, you can register here for getting notified for new jobs and projects for free. Here you can find jobs, regarding your skills and can apply directly for desired jobs.

For the employer, they charged $395 bucks for posting a single job. However, they’ll decrease their prices, if the employer chooses bigger packages and post more than one job at a time.

Join: Dice

5. Programming Bids

Programming bids is a platform, created for posting jobs and hiring a freelancer for projects. This website is a relatively new website, compared to others and works on the bidding system.

Therefore, if you’ll find any good projects here than you may bid on that project for getting hired. Here most of the projects are posted for the web developer, web designing, databases, and other tech-related projects.

Join: Programming Bids

6. I crunch data

I crunch data seems like another platform for you if you searching for freelance WordPress developer jobs online. Here you can find real-time jobs as well as freelance projects in different locations, mostly the USA, Canada, Germany, and other top countries.

Here, freelancers and job seekers can upload their latest resumes for getting notifies by I crunch data when suitable jobs are available for them.

Join: I Crunch Data

7. Field Engineer

Field engineer is a global tech hub website and provides remote job opportunities to freelancers and web developers. Hiring a full-time developer for short term projects is not always the first choice of clients, therefore they are interested to hire top talented technicians and engineers globally for their projects.

Here, freelancers and employers both can join at the same time for collaborations. They only charge 10% fees from freelancers at releasing their payments. The payment modes are direct bank transfers and Paypal.

Join: Field Engineer

8. 10x Management

If you think that you are a good developer and enjoy coding then 10x might the good choice for you to convert your passion into cash. Here you can submit your details for became a 10x community member. The top skills that they might be looking for, are a data scientist, machine learning, UI/UX, full stack engineers and more.

If you’ll get the chance to work on 10 management then they can provide more opportunities, that can help you to boost your career fast in the web development field.

Join: 10x Management

9. is another place where you can rely on getting freelance WordPress developer jobs and remote projects. Here you may join as a freelancer or as an agency and you can start working for after that. They offer to provide the best order and clients companies to justify your creativity.

Here, the projects are owned by However, you can easily make a living as a freelancer, If you fulfill the project requirement and complete your projects on time.


10. Collaborizm

Collaborizm is another startup based platform which is focused to provide the best talent to newborn companies s as well as big brands to grow fast in their businesses without suffering for any tech-related need.

They have a large community of 130k stack engineers and entrepreneurs who are working together for doing better. For freelancers, might be a suitable platform for showing their creativity to the world and make money as well.

Join: Collaborizm

11. Computer Assistant

Computer assistant is also a great platform for find work in IT and tech-related field. All major companies have a need for staffs who can help them out and assist them, regarding all kind of issues in IT & tech support.

That’s why companies are using freelance platforms like computer assistant for their projects. As a tech assistant, you can join here for making money online.

Join: Computer Assistant

12. WordPress Jobs

WordPress jobs could be the place for finding freelance WordPress developer jobs and remote projects. As a WordPress developer, you can find jobs here, according to your specializations like plugin or theme customizer, web designs or web developers jobs, or simply WordPress migration jobs.

The clients can post any kind of jobs here, related to WordPress and you can apply for jobs which you find interested here.

Join: WordPress Jobs

13. Issue Hunt

Issue hunt is not a typical freelancing platform but they are a fundraising platform where web developers and web developers can collect or outsource funds for their open-source projects.

Here, developers can join the community by sigh up via their Git Hub developer accounts. Here you can get funded by other contributors, globally to fix your issues and complete your projects.

Join: Issue Hunt

14. Coders Calm

Coders calm also offering web developers and coder to earn remote money, using their platform. Here you’ll start working with them after successfully completing your trials. Once, you selected then you can start working here and charge up to $30 bucks per hour.

Here, you’ll get paid after successfully delivery of projects via Payoneer on each month. For coders, they alloy flexible work timing, that means here you can earn as much money as you can work for.

Join: Coders Clan

15. Cyber Coders

Cyber coders is a specially designed website for getting freelance WordPress developer jobs or coding jobs at home. Here, you can also find full time and contract-based jobs and choose one which best suited to you.

The developers can post their resumes here or apply for jobs directly, after successfully sign up. They don’t charge to clients for posting projects and hiring talented freelancers for their work that allow clients to easily post their requirements on

Join: Cyber Coders

16. Field Nation

Field nation is another freelance marketplace who supply skilled web developers to running businesses. As a web developer, you can join yourself here for getting remote projects and find new clients to start working.

They seem very popular work market to find legit projects. Here, they charged 10% commission to freelancers on remote projects, less than $1000 and for higher projects they charged only 8% from freelance developers.

Join: Field Nation

17. Invide Labs

Invide labs is a community website for top developers and coders. This freelance platform also supports web developers to get fund for their projects, directly through tech companies. Here developers can join for free, after joining when they’ve passed screening then they will be eligible for working with their community members.

The new startup and companies can also use this platform for hiring the best WordPress developer for their products and projects. They can also choose any monthly plan for their projects, according to their requirements.

Join: Invide Labs

18. Part Net Pro

Partnetpro is another remote website which offers freelance WordPress developer jobs and remote freelancing projects at home. They are working with some big brands and provide jobs to freelancers and web developers.

They also conduct training programmes for freelancers where developers can improve their skills and grab more work opportunities. Here, the freelancer can register themselves at free by just filling a few details.

Join: Part Net Pro

19. ETH Lance

ETH lance is a free tech platform for searching top freelance WordPress developer jobs and web designer jobs fast. They also have a job board where freelancers can directly bid on projects, directly after successful joining.

The job seekers can set their prices here for getting hired. After completing the task, they’ll get paid via Paypal or Online bank transfer.

Join: ETH Lance

20. Pe for Hire

Pe for hire is a perfect place for engineers and technicians for getting jobs and earn money. They are focused to provide work opportunities for engineers, civil and structural engineers and others.

Here, remote workers can find short term jobs and remote projects and project posting is also free. However, they charge $19.99 bucks from engineer to submit job proposals. When the client post job proposals here than freelancers would be notified for apply on latest job proposals.

Join: PE for Hire

21. Andela

Andela offering freelance WordPress developer jobs and freelance opportunity for both senior developer and freshers to start working with clients, remotely. They also claimed to provide only top 1% talented web developer and engineers to clients.

Therefore new developers have to face tuff competition here for clearing screen testing and becoming a member of Andela developers community.

Join: Andela

22. Hire Coder

If you still searching for a reliable platform for getting freelance WordPress developer jobs and internships then may help you to find remote projects and home-based works.

This freelance coding platform is absolutely free for joining. They also claim to provide top 1% web developers, Java and UI coder in the world.

Join: Hire Coder

23. Nexxt

Nexxt provides job opportunities for freelance developers and designers to establish their carrier with working for big brands and companies. As a job seeker, here you’ll able to find a variety of jobs to apply, listed on their job board.

The job recruiting companies can also join this website to hire top developers for their projects through freelancing or can hire a full-time employee in different locations.

Join: Nexxt

24. Coderank

Coder rank could be the best place for applying on freelance WordPress developer jobs and coding jobs. If you’ve relevant skills and knowledge than you should join here for getting remote opportunities.

They have a big community of 120k freelance web developer who already had connected with and following their passion for making money.


25. Coders Link

Coders link is another platform freelance platform who offer free joining to coders as well as developers for collaboration. The growing companies and startups are requiting talented individual, here in codes link.

Therefore, this platform can helpful for you to join and boost your career online. These kind of web developer websites are also helping coders to be a part of the freelance community which may help you to learn and earn through coding.

Join: Coderslink


I hope these websites will surely help you to find the best freelance WordPress developer jobs and web designer jobs for you to make a bright future in coding. I work hard to research these kinds of the legit freelance site which might be helpful for you, so if you find this article helpful then you can share your thoughts with us.

If you have any suggestions then you can find me for your queries here. These 25 top freelance websites can also be a popular which website I mentioned earlier in my previous article. They are also claiming to choose top 1% web developers for their website. 

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