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Freelance Academic Writing jobs for Blog Writers and Students

Is writing your hobby? Are you love to write Articles and blog post? If yes then why not you should make academic writing as a career for you. There are several Freelance Academic writing jobs and blog writing opportunities available online where you can start your writing journey now.

Don’t you need to think much about how to start and where to start? You can start freelance writing at your own home or your office, park or anywhere you like most, no need to go somewhere else and show your physical presence.

Many freelancers have a creative mind and they don’t like boring 9 to 5 jobs, therefore academic writing is a great choice for them to show their skills, passion, and ability.

In this article, I’ll show you the best 25 academic writing websites where you can join to get freelance writing opportunities at home.

Freelance academic writing jobs are also very helpful for students, housewives, and retired persons to earn some money in their spare time. The content is the king and many online businesses, clients and brands are always looking for the quality content writer for their business blog or e-commerce website.

Therefore, if you are passionate to write articles and blog posts then content writing jobs will help you to earn as much money as you need for your living.

Freelancing is not a cup of coffee for everyone. It takes time, passion and, dedication to get a full-time Income and regular freelance opportunities.

Points to remember before starting freelance academic writing jobs:

1. Influence English Knowledge

If you are passionate about writing academic articles for clients and businesses then you must have an English degree from any reputed college. You should also have an influence English knowledge to qualify for freelance jobs and opportunities because many freelance websites are paying high to native English writer compare to non-native English writer.

2. Passout Entrance Test

As a freelancer academic writer, you must pass out an Entrance test to qualify for freelance academic writing jobs. These tests are related to show your knowledge, skills and communication ability.

3. Need a College Degree

If you want to join freelance academic websites then you must have a college degree to qualify for academic writing jobs and make remote money at home. Without any college degree from reputed colleges, you can’t get good academic writing opportunities.

4. High Payout Rates

The payout rates are relatively high for academic writers, compare to normal blog writers. Therefore, freelance academic writers can make a good monthly Income through remote writing projects.

5. Prefer an expert Writer

Most freelance writing platforms are preferring an expert or experienced writer, compare to fresher. They prefer to hire writers who have a piece of deep knowledge and a degree of any single subject like, finance, commerce, health and more.

6. Payouts for Freelancers

Many freelance academic writing websites are offering to pay two times a month. They mostly use PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer for payments.

1. Asia Writers

Asia Writers is an Indian based freelance academic writing website for freelancing jobs and projects. This freelance website is growing very fast and provide quality contents to clients globally.

They have a freelance community of passionate content writers and content creatures where you can join for free.

Their payouts are also fair and high. Here academic writers can easily make up to $30 bucks per page. The joining process is very easy and you’ll get paid after finishing your work via PayPal account and wire transfer.

Visit: Asia Writers

2. Pro Writers Time

This freelance website is also a great choice for freelance writers to get the highest paying freelance academic writing jobs and projects. You have to bid on projects to grab new freelance projects and opportunities.

They are one of the Highest paying content writing websites for academic writers and editors. Their payout rates are up to $12 per page for high school writers and up to $26.50 for Ph.D. native English writers. They provide up to $15 per page for non-native Ph.D. writers and editors.

As freelance writers, you can join here for free. The registration process can take up to one week. They’ll pay you via PayPal and Payoneer accounts, after finishing projects and jobs.

You’ll get paid two times in a month and you can request for payment when your earning reach more than $50 bucks.

Visit: Pro Freelance Time

3. Edusson

Edusson is very popular and growing remote writing platform for freelancers and content writers. They always looking for skilled freelance writers and bloggers who can provide quality contents for their clients and businesses.

If you good at content writing and looking for such websites who offer freelance academic writing jobs at home then you can join this website for making a full-time Income on Edusson, without any pressure of 9 to 5 job.

The joining is simple, you just need to add your Email ID for sign up here. Aftesuccessfulul joining, you’ll start making money.

Here you don’t need to wait a long time to grab job opportunities because this academic writing website has lots of work.

Visit: Edusson

4. Custom Writing Pros

If you looking for freelance academic writing jobs at home then custom writing pros seem to be another great choice for you to get freelance writing projects.

This website has lots of writing projects for content writers and academic writers, so you don’t need to wait more time to get single projects.

They offer fair payout rates for content writing projects and jobs. Here freelances will get paid twice in a month for their online academic writing work.

Visit: custom writing pros

5. Writing Creek

Writing is another popular freelance platform to get freelance academic writing jobs and content writing projects. This is a huge content writing marketplace for freelancers to grab more opportunities and make a living through content writing.

If you join this website then you’ve to pass out a skill test and your Id will be fully verified within 3 days. After verification, you’ll start earning.

This website is not for newbies, therefore if you don’t have high communication skills or native English knowledge then It’s hard for you to get verified here.

You can start as a beginner on writing creek and when you successfully complete your 50+ projects then you’ll be an expert academic writer on this website. Their payout rates are $4 to $12 per page.

Visit: Writing Creek

6. Writers Venture

Writers Venture is not the much popular website for freelance academic writing jobs but they are working in this field from the past 10 years. They have a small community of freelance writers and they still hiring more writers for academic writing jobs.

For making money, you need to register yourself here for free. You’ll get paid two times in a month for successfully completed orders and jobs.

Visit: Writers Venture

7. Academic Writer Jobs

This is another UK based freelance platform specially designed for freelance academic writing jobs and writing projects. They have an active freelance writer community with more than 3000 academic writers and editors, around the world.

As a freelance writer, you can register here and start working with them. They offer to provide the best payout rates to writers in the content writing Industry.

Their average payouts are £1000 and writers can make here up to £3000 or more through freelance academic writing jobs at home.

Visit: Academic Writing Jobs

8. Bluecorp Service

Bluecorp also provides freelance writing opportunities to content writers and academic writers. If you like content writing work and have some time for freelancing work then you can try this website to reach new clients and opportunities for making online money.

They provide fair payouts to freelancers. The payouts are various $2.30 to $12 per page, depends on your level, skills, and expertise. You can also make a full-time income through this website.

Visit: Bluecrop Services

9. Quality Writers

Quality workers is another freelance writing website who provide both quality content and job opportunities for content writers and online businesses.

As an academic writer, you can join this website for making freelance money for free. After successfully joining, you can choose various projects, according to your matched skills and will get paid for your hard work through Paypal or Wire transfer.

If you can provide original contents at the time and have enough time for freelancing then don’t wait, join Quality workers now and start earning.

Visit: Quality workers

10. Proficient Writes

Proficient writes are the best freelance platforms for freelance academic writers and editors. They provide you opportunities to write any kind of online stuff like content writing, business writing, health and fitness writing and more, all depends on clients and their requirement.

They offer both home-based freelance writing opportunities and freelance academic writing opportunities which you can join as per your skills and Interest. You can register yourself free here on Proficient writers and start making money.

If you are a professional academic writer then here you can make up to $30 per page. After finishing your work, You’ll get paid via Paypal, Skills or Payoneer twice a month.

Visit: Proficient writes

11. Prospect Solution

Prospect solution is also offered freelance academic writing jobs to freelance writers, college students and graduates who want to earn some cash at home in their spare time. They are focused on freelance academic writers who have a college degree in an English college.

You can join Prospect solution for free and you can start freelance writing in various field like the technical writer, medical writer, Business writer, academic writer and more.

Their Payments rates are high and you can make good online money through their website. Their freelance academic jobs price starts at € 27 euros per 500 words and If you’ve great writing skills then you’ll get paid as high as € 125 euros per 500 words.

Visit: Prospect Solution

12. Academic Sciences

Academic sciences is another freelance content writing jobs website where you can join and start working online. If you have any college degree or you’ve any experience with professional academic content writing then this website may help you to get your dream projects and earn full-time money at home.

Academic sciences is a UK based freelance academic jobs provider company. They start working in 2010 and their aim is to provide opportunities to Uk students and degree holders.

They offer content writing and essay writing services to their clients and businesses.

Visit: Academic sciences

13. Essey Pro

Essey pro is an excellent freelance academic writing jobs website for the freelance content writer, essay writer, and academic writer. They are a content marketplace where the client can hire any writer or buy any kind of content as per their need and requirement.

The clients can hire any writer directly by checking their User rating, number of orders, success rate and work experience.

This website is a US-based professional essay writing website who works as a platform for content writers to make money from the past 20 years.

They also run an affiliate program where freelancers can make 50% commission on first order through their link and 20% on each order. Here you get payments via PayPal, American Express, Skrill, and Payoneer.

Visit: Essey pro

14. Academia Research

Academia Research is a professional academic writing website who creates academic writing jobs to their freelance writers and editors. Freelance academic writers can join Academic research through a free sign up. Before joining they need to pass out an English proficiency test to show their skills of English content writing.

As a freelance academic writer, you have to upload your CV and If you are an experienced writer then you should register yourself as an experienced writer along with your necessary proof of your previous works.

The payment rates are various depends on your educational degree and work experience. If you have a Ph.D. degree from any reputed college then you may charge as high as $20 per page.

Therefore, It all depends on you that how much money you can make here through freelance academic writing jobs at home.

Visit: Academia Research

15. Writers Labs

Writers Lab is another freelance website for getting freelance academic writing jobs at home. Any English graduate can register on this website to grab freelance writing opportunities and make remote money.

Here you can get different kind of academic writing, content writing, and essay writing offers.

They have different payout rates for academic writers, they pay a little high amount to native English writers in comparision to English second language countries.

Their Payout rates vary depends on your degree and expertise. Any native English writer can make as high as $26 per task.

The payout rates are fair and decent here and good academic writers can make reasonable money each month through academic writing jobs on writers lab.

Visit: Writers Lab

16. offers a remote career in content writing and freelance academic writing jobs. Their payout rates are also fair. They provide various kind of writing opportunity like academic writing, books review, Rewriting, editing and proofreading where you can choose your niche writing, according to your interest.

Here you can join with a free sign up and after joining you can make as much money as you can through your writing skills.

They’ll pay you after work. They use PayPal, Wire transfer and web money as primary payment methods.


17. Essay Shark

If you good at content writing and really loves to write content and articles then you may check out essay shark at once to get more freelance academic writing jobs at home.

Here you’ll get the freelance opportunity and new order as per your writing skill, client rating, and your expertise. If you’ve good command in English language and can deliver quality work at a limited time then you must try this freelance website.

As an academic writer, when you write more article for new clients and business, you can learn and improve your writing skills to expose yourself and grab more clients and their attention.

Visit: Essay Shark

18. Essay Jedii

Essay Jedii is relatively a new freelance content writing website who offer freelance academic writing jobs and essay writing services online for clients at the budget price.

Freelance academic writers can register themselves on essay Jaidii and starting writing remotely for making money. You’ve to bid on projects to get new work. Here you’ll get paid two times a month for your content writing work.

Visit: Essay Jedii

19. My writing Masters

My writing Masters is one of the best freelance websites in India for Freelance academic writing jobs. They have a young freelance team of some quality writers and Ph.D. holders who work for them remotely from all over the world. They provide quality content for clients and online business.

You can join their freelance community and register yourself at free on My writing Masters. All joining processes are same as previous academic writing websites. You’ll get paid after work finishing your work via wire transfer.

Visit: My Writing Masters

20. Uvocorp

Uvocorp is another freelance content writing website for academic writers content creators. Any English native writer and non-English native writer can join Uvocorp for free.

They can choose any categories like Accountant, chemistry, Finance Engineering, and more as per their specialty and education.

Their basic freelance payout rates ate $7 to $8 bucks and a Ph.D. degree holder can make up to $15 per project and native English writers can make up to $ 26.50 each project on Uvocrop.

Freelance academic writers will get paid two times a month via Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer.

Visit: Uvocorp

21. Academic Knowledge

Academic Knowledge is a platform for freelance writers and freelance students to make money at home doing what they love to do without any pressure of 9 to 5 jobs. Many reputed companies and clients all over the world are posting their job requirements using this website.

Freelancers can bid or apply directly to jobs if they fulfill all job requirements and conditions. Here you’ll get a higher payout rate, compare to other freelance academic writers jobs.

you can start with both part time and full time, as per your availability and commitment. They’ll pay you each 16th day on the month via direct bank transfer or International wire transfer.

Apply now on Academic knowledge to get started your journey with content writing.

Visit: Academic Knowledge

22. Academic Minds

If you are graduate from any reputed college or a housewife looking for some flexible freelance academic writing opportunities to work at home then you can join Academic minds to make a living with freelance writing.

As a freelance content writer, If you have a degree or specialize in any of these categories like engineering, law, business, accounting and more then you should join Academic Minds and can start making money.

Visit: Academic Minds

23. Writers Department

Writer department also provides freelance academic writing jobs and remote opportunities to freelance writers and housewives who are interested to work with them.

They are looking for fresh talented students and professionals or college students who pass out from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or any reputed university and have free time to work for them.

As a freelance writer, you can join this company fro getting paid assignment and projects and making remote money. They’ll pay you twice in a month via bank transfer.

Visit: Writer department

24. Writing Jobz

Writing Jobz is a popular and reputed freelancing website for writers to getting the best academic writing proposals and opportunities by clients globally. They provide on-time payment to freelances, two times a month.

As a freelance writer, here you can choose your working hours and start getting projects as per your skills and abilities, without any pressure. Mostly you’ll get projects related to business writing, academic writing and copywriting.

Visit: Writing Jobz

25. Write Nod

Writing nod also offers freelance academic writing jobs and opportunities. Any bachelor degree holder can join this website to earn money, higher degrees also beneficial for getting hired.

They offer free joining for academic writers and freelancers. Their payout rates are relatively fair and high. After a successful joining, any Ph.D. holder or native English writer can make up to $26 bucks per project.

Visit: Writing nod

Wrapping up

I hope this article will help you to get paid through freelance academic writing jobs and online content writing projects. These are the trusted websites to start academic writing at home. If this article will help you then you can comment me. If you are working with anyone on these websites then you can share your experience with us.