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Domain Flipping Business: How to Start Flipping Domain [Beginners Guide]

Hey Guys, if you want to earn online at home with your current job or business than domain Flipping business is a great choice for you to start your own business today at low-budget. You can easily start the domain flipping business now.

Domain flipping is a tricky business and you are not going to rich overnight without any knowledge of a good domain name.

Many people start the domain flipping business with the right approach and earn thousands of bucks every month. You can start domain flipping business now within just $10 and earn a big profit on the sale.

How to find a valuable domain name:

Finding a good domain name is not so tough as you think, You can find a good domain name easily there are many ways to find a good domain name.

First of all, you have to do some market research to find which domains and sectors are most popular and which domains are in demand.

You know every domain names are resister for a limited time between 1-10 years. After that, these domains are expiring and the owner has to renew domain names again before they expire.

Thousands of domain names expire each day so you can easily find a good domain to buy and sell them as high as you can. 

Top Free Tools for Checking Value of Domain Names and Websites

1. Godaddy Appraisal

2. Esti Bot

3. Worth of Web

4. Site Price

5. My Site Wealth

6. Webuka

Where to buy Expire domain name for Domain Flipping Business:

These are some amazing domain flipping websites to find a expire domain name or generate a new domain name according to demand.

Domain Flipping Business

1. Name Cheap

Name cheap is the big marketplace of buying a new domain as well as an expired domain name. They list expired domain and premium domain in their website where any broker can choose and buy the best domain name for domain flipping business.

Name cheap is not only offer to an expired and valuable dome at the budget price but also offer cheap web hosting. You can check their Free DNS hosting before buying any hosting plan.

Visit: Name cheap

2. Dyna Dot

Dyna dot is a perfect platform for starting your own domain flipping business. Here you’ll find the cheap domain name for free. They give you many customizations to choose your best domain name for buying like price, domain age, character, domain category and more. 

This marketplace support biding system, therefore you need to bid on expired domains to get the best deal. Dyna dot offers their affiliate programme where you can join for free and earn affiliate commission without any investment.

Visit: Dyna dot

3. Name Silo 

Name silo is an amazing marketplace for buy expired domain name at a cheap price, here you can buy an expired domain name as cheap as $1.

You can join bidding on expired domains for free and their starting bid is $1 dollar. Here you can bid on domains as much as you can. You may also use their free tools to buy your desired domain and you’ll save your precious time using these tools.

Visit: Name silo

4. Droppings

You can also buy expired domains on droppings. Droppings give you a detail report of domain backlinks and traffic so you can easily find a good domain to buy. This domain flipping website is still a very popular marketplace for domain flipping business.

Visit: Droppings

5. Expire domains

Another good site to buy an expired domain name. You can easily find the best domain to buy. Here you’ll find dropped domains with all backlinks and SEO related data.

Visit: Expire domain

6. Fresh Drop 

Freshdrop is a professional domain flipping marketplace with lots of customizing options. If you are a domain bidder then this website is very interesting for you.

Visit: Fresh drop

7. Buycom Domain

You can find high-quality domain based on Seo, Traffic rank, age, backlinks, etc. This is another trusted domain bidding marketplace for domain flipping business. If you looking for cheap expire domain for your new website then you must check out this domain bidding marketplace.

Visit: Buycom domain

8. Name Bio

Namebio is one of the best websites to compare prices of the domain and help to find a similar domain to buy that sold on high. is a good Domain Flipping Websites for domain investor.

Namebio organizes domain bidding to all big marketplaces with many customizations.

Visit: Name bio

9 Domain Hole

Domain hole is a perfect website to find a good expire domain and get it if available. Here you find some amazing features like name spinner, instant name check, complete check, name generator, brainstormer and more.

If you register on domain hole, you’ll be able to get access to expire domain name alert feature.

Visit: Domain hole

10. is a Chinese company who buy and sell dames and also organize domain auction. If you looking to buy some domain name in bulk, you can check out their site for domain flipping business.

This Chinese domain flipping marketplace is connecting domain buyers to domain name sellers. You can join cm to buy any domain name at a fair price. 


11. Snap Names

Snap Names is another domain marketplace for buying a valuable domain name for your domain flipping business. 

You can join in their domain auction programme for free and participate in domain bidding to get the best deal on the domain and also you can use backorder facility on Snap names. You can also sell your domain on Snapname. 

Visit: Snap names

12. Above

Above is another legitimate marketplace to buy a domain name for domain flipping business. They are working on domain biding system, therefore you can easily bid on your favorite domain name and get them on a fair price.

They also provide domain brokerage services to their clients, so you can join them to use their brokerage services. If you are interested to buy a expired domain for your domain flipping business then you’ll find here some good expired domain names at a cheap price.

Visit: Above

13. eBay is the most trusted and reliable marketplace in the world. Most of the people don’t know that eBay is not only the biggest online marketplace for home appliances but also provide the expired domain name at a cheap price. 

If you want to buy a domain name on eBay, you’ll find tons of customization option here and they’ll save your precious time to buy a suitable domain name for your domain flipping business.

Visit: eBay

14. Domain Agents

Domain Agents is a professional website for domain brokerage and domain flipping. They work as a middleman and connect both domain buyers and sellers under one roof. 

They are combined working with their partner website Domain Agents charge a fixed commission along with escrow fee when domains sellout through their website.

As a buyer, if you find a great buy now domain on Domain agents then you’ve to pay $30 to secure your desired domain name. Buyers need to pay Minimum bid price of 19.95 for making an offer on Domain agents.

Visit: Domain agents

Where to sell Domains for Domain Flipping:

Domain Flipping Business


1. Flippa 

Flippa is the largest marketplace to sell domain names as well as websites. They charge the little high commission to list a domain name in comparison to other marketplaces such as Sedo. 

But if you want to sell your domain fast then you should try Flippa for once. Flippa is a very popular marketplace to start the domain flipping business for beginners.

Visit: Flippa

2. Domain State

Domain state is another professional domain flipping website. They have tons of free tools and customizations to grow your domain flipping business.

If you want to sell your domain name at the best price then this website will help you to appraise the real value of your domain.

You can use their free tools like link popularity checker, Alexa score checker, IP lookups, Email blacklist checker and more to get the best results for your domain. Their domain directory services may also help you in your domain flipping business.

Visit: Domain state

3. Godaddy

Godaddy is the worlds largest domain registrar. Their auction programme “Godaddy auction” connects both the domain buyers and domain sellers in one place. They provide some useful tools like domain Investing, domain parking, and domain appraisal that may help you for domain flipping business.

Join their Godaddy Auction to sell your domain fast at the best price. They charge only INR 319/year for using their platform and list domain names. Godaddy is a great platform for beginners to start domain flipping business without any experience.

Visit: Godaddy

4. After Nic 

Afternic is another large marketplace for start domain flipping business and earns big money. Afternic allows offers like auction, domain parking domain transfer and more useful services.

If you want to make money through domain flipping business then you should list your domain name to their larger marketplace for more exposer of your domain name.

They offer free domain parking service on after nic. You can also use their domain broker services, they charge an extra commission for domain brokerage services.

Visit: After nic

5. Bido

Bido is specially designed for Arrange domain name and domain flipping. You can easily start your domain flipping business with Bido.

They organize live auction, Upcoming auction and new domain listing services for domainers. As a domain name seller, you can also park your domain name on Bido and earn some money through your domain traffic. 

Visit: Bido

6. Name Jet

Name Jet is a famous domain registrar and domain flipping website They are focused on expired domain names and domain backorder services. They’re great tools to help domains to get their desired domain name.

As a domain seller or flipper, you can use their tools and features like bidding, auction bidding, buck domain backorder, and more.

Joining is free at nome Jet. Domainers can join and list their domain name here for successful domain flipping business.

Visit: Name jet

7. Sedo 

Sedo is the best and trusted marketplace to sell domain names at the best prices. They give you many offers like buy now or auction to sell your domain name.

Sedo also runs a partner program where you can join for free and earn 15% commission on each domain sale through your affiliate link. 

Visit: Sedo

8. Name Pros

This is another marketplace to sell domain names. NamePros has many categories and sub-categories to get you up-to-date.

You can also discuss anything related to domain names and web assets with other forum members. You can evaluate your domain on their domain appraisal programme. 

Visit: Name Pros

9. Digital Point

Digital Point is a big online forum for digital goods like websites and domain names. They provide a big platform to sellout domain names fast through their trusted marketplace.

They offer free membership where anyone can join and list their digital products like domain names for sale. You can list your domain names as well websites here for sale on both bidding and a fixed price as per your interest.

If you verify your domain names with Digital points then your chance to sell out your domain name is increased and you’ll get more bid and proposals on your domain name. 

Visit: Digital point

10. Dn Forum

Dn Forum is also a trusted forum for domain flipping business. If you want to sell your domain name instantly than you can list your domain name here for free. You can join their community and can discuss with other members to learn new technics about domain flipping business.

You can also upgrade your free membership account to the paid membership at any time and you get some new features and benefits. Dn forum provides a platform to sell your domain name here on both domain auction and a fixed price.

Visit: Dn forum

11. Dn finder

Dn finder is the relatively new marketplace for domain flipping business. As a domain seller, you can also list your saleable domain name here for selling.

You’ve to simply sign up and join here and list your domain names. After joining, you can start selling domains on Dn finder for free.

Visit: Dn finder

12. Free Market

The free market also offers you to buy and sell your websites using their platform. As a domainer, you can list your website here on the free market. Their listing is free but they charge their 5% commission on each domain sale.

If you use the extra features for domain flipping then you’ve to pay some extra commission for using their feature services. They use Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer for their payment method.

Visit: Free market

13. Undeveloped

Undeveloped is another choice for you if you want to start your domain flipping business in 2018. This website will help you to sell your domain name fast.

You can a variety of free to here to sell out your domain name and they only charge their 9% commission on each successful sale.

You can join Undeveloped for free and can create a beautiful profile here to promote your domain flipping business to a larger market.

When you sell out your domain name then you get your payment within24 hours.

Visit: Undeveloped

14. is the best place to sell out your domain name at a high price. This marketplace is specially designed to sell the domain name for domain flipping business.

Selling domain name, using their platform is very easy. You just need to list your domain name on and verify ownership of your domain. After a successful listing, you start getting proposals by buyers who want to purchase your domain name.

You can also list your domain name on the front page of their website using their premium listing plan. You have to pay $25 for 30 days to use their premium listing services.


15. CaX

Many domainers don’t know about Cax. This marketplace is also useful to list a domain name to sell out fast at profit. If you want to list your domain name here, You just need to simply join and list your domain name here at free.

Here you can use their useful tools and features to list your domain name. This domain market may help you to reach more buyers to sell your domain name and make a huge profit on domain flipping business.

Visit: Cax

16. Domain Brothers

Domain brothers is also a domain flipping marketplace for listing and selling a domain name. Here you can choose any category like shopping, sports, travels and more to list your domain name, according to their nature.

They charge flat 15% commission on each successful domain sale under $10k and charge 10% for domain sale at higher than $10k for their brokerage services.

If you want to sell your domain name using their platform then you can use their name servers to your domain name for sell domain fast.

Visit: Domain brothers

Domain Flipping Business


What is Domain Parking and How It Works:

Domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website.

You can make some online money to park your unused domains in domain marketplaces like Godaddy, Sedo, etc.

You will make PPC (Pay Per Click) earnings with the domain parking services. Parking companies (Adsense) will pay you money if someone clicks on the advertisement which displays on your domain name but you can’t make good monthly passive income through domain parking.

Here are some useful tips for you before starting the domain flipping business:

  • Keep Patience: You need some patience to sell domains at a good price.
  • Do research before buying: Research is must in domain flipping business, you can’t buy any domain and hope for sale at a good price.
  • Quality is a priority: A common mistake by many people’s that if they buy 50 domains and one domain sell on a high price they get their investment back but you can’t succeed in this way. you must choose the great domain to sell it fast.
  • Don’t list domains in only a single website: Try to list your domain name in the various marketplace.
  • Choose short domain names: Try to choose a short domain name that easy to pronounce and memorable.
  • Focus on “.com” extension: You have to focus on .com domains and you can also go for .net but don’t go for any weird extension like .club, .xyz, etc.
  • Focus on expire domains: You must focus on expired or edged domains because they have some good traffic and popularity. 
  • Check Facebook blocking: Before buying an expired domain name you must make sure that the desired domain name is not blocked by the Facebook community.
  • Spamming history: Before buying that your expired domain, You’ve to make sure that your domain is not be used in any porn website or gambling website before in past and not be blacklisted by Google.

I hope this short article will helpful for you to start your own domain flipping business, If you have any question about domain flipping business or domain flipping websites, you can comment me below.  🙂 

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