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27+ Best Paying Micro Job Sites For Making Easy Online Money in 2019

If you searching for the best paying micro job sites to earn money online without investment then These top websites will help you. These are well-established platforms to join and for making money from home

Many freelancers and remote workers have already joined these websites to earn more bugs with their current professions. Micro jobs are a great source of income for housewives, students and anyone who interested. Making money while doing a small task is a fun way of earning money online.

All micro job websites are not paying much, therefore finding the best paying micro job sites is a very important task for freelancers who want to rely on freelancing. In this article, I shared all the working and legitimate microtask websites who seems like the best paying micro job sites in 2019.

The List of best paying micro job sites in 2019

1. Gigs and geeks

Gigs and geeks are also providing the platform to gig sellers as well as buys to connect. They save the time of clients who have not enough time to do small tasks like facebook likes, Youtube views, web traffic, Instagram followers, themes, plugins and more.

Therefore clients can easily hire sellers for their small task and can save their time and money. The micro workers can join this site for selling gigs and making money. Here sellers can start selling gigs at $5 to $50 bucks, according to their level and user rating.

best paying micro job sites

Join: Gigs and Geeks

2. fedemic is relatively a new freelance remote website with less audience and clients. However, they work as same as other freelance microsites and provide all popular services to clients and business.

Any remote freelancer can easily join these websites to get the more remote opportunity and could be hired by clients globally. As we know the demands for digital professionals are getting high rapidly day by day. Therefore freelancing is one of legit and beneficial career option for many.

If you want to join fedemic to show your skills then you main sign up here at free to join their freelance community.

Join: Fedemic

3. Gigver

Gigver is a Fiverr clone website similar to other micro-task websites which I mentioned earlier in this article. Here taskers and gig sellers can join for selling micro job gigs to clients and employers.

They’ll pay money to sellers after completing the task and charge 20% commission to sellers for using their platform. Anyone who wants to do earn some extra bucks at the spare time may give this website a try.

Join: Gigver

4. Online Micro Jobs

Online micro jobs offering to make online money while doing a small task like downloading apps, taking quick surveys, referring friends, filling forms, and other microtask.

Here freelance workers can join a start working to earn some extra income while doing their regular jobs. After sign up here, you’ll get $1 joining bonus and you may also hire workers here to boost your business online.

Join: Online Micro Jobs

5. Mini Freelance

Mini freelance is another platform where micro workers connect with employers and earn online money while doing microtask. After joining here, workers may bid on currently available task for getting hired.

When any tasker completes their task then they can upload proofs like screenshots and get paid by employers easily. The employers can also hire any freelancer for their microtask and pay them after completing task via Paypal or other wallets.

Join: Mini Freelance

6. Micro job cart

Micro job cart is a remote small task site where you can join to sell your gigs for money. As other micro job sites, they provide all options to sell micro job gigs to clients, according to your skills and creativity.

They provide a variety of categories where you can choose one category or two categories for selling gigs to your clients. You’ll get paid, once your task is complete and accepted by the client.

The clients can directly post projects and hire top freelancers directly on micro job cart. Now they are offering $5 credit for new clients who hire the micro worker for their project, using this platform.

best paying micro job sites

Join: Micro Job Cart

7. Do Jobs Online

If you searching for the best paying micro job sites than you may like to join do jobs online. More than 20k micro workers have already joined this website for making money.

As a seller, you have to sign up here to start selling Gigs. You can sell here any kind of small task related to tech, writing, web designing, video, animations and more. However, you can also sell here micro job gigs like Facebook likes, twitter followers or web traffic to the clients and business.

Join: Do Jobs Online

8. Micro Job pro

Micro Job pro is a clone website of Fiverr to sell micro gigs remotely. They use the British pound as their primary currency. As a freelancer, you can able to set your gig selling price here between €5 to €50.

This is one of the best paying micro job sites to join and start making money online. They charge a 20% commission to freelancers when they’ll get paid via Paypal account.

Join: Micro Job Pro

9. Giggerr

If you want to make some easy cash online, doing an easy task in your spare time than giggerr may be helpful for you to earn a few bucks at home. This micro job site is similar to other Fiverr alternatives.

As a seller, you can easily sell 3 to 5 gigs here, according to your relevant skills without investing any penny. You’ll get paid here via Paypal when you deliver any successful gig to clients.

Join: Giggerr

10. 5 dollar gigs

5dollar gigs is a remote freelancing website where sellers can join and start selling gigs at %5 bucks. Here any gig sellers can sell any kind of gigs which they like to share or enjoy to do for money.

Sellers don’t need any particular skill to sell their gigs on 5dollar gigs, they can sell any creative gigs and skills or small tasks like proofreading, logo creation, video review, short article writing, selling followers, quick photoshops or many more.

best paying micro job sites

Join: 5 dollar Gigs

11. Hive Offers

Hive is offering more than 20 job categories to choose for selling your micro job gigs for making online money. They claim to provide highest paying micro jobs never the less than $0.20 bucks or maximum $50 bucks per task.

micro workers and employers both can sign up here and they’ll get $1 dollar signup bonus. They can earn more by referring friends and getting more task to do. They can withdraw their money anytime when their earning reach more than $10.

Join: Hive Offers

12. Gig ton

Gig ton is a Fiverr clone website to join. Micro workers can join Gig ton as an alternative to Fiverr to sell their gigs, using this platform. Here freelancers can set their gig selling price between $5 to $100, as per their skills and demand.

They have a huge variety of categories to choose for selling gigs to clients. The freelancers may also choose more than one categories for selling gigs.

Join: Gig Ton

13. LWBD is just another Fiverr clone website for dealing with micro and small tasks. Here you can also sell gigs in different categories like writing, digital marketing, tech, web designing and more.

They charge same 20% commission and works as the same other clone micro job websites, working in the market.

Join: LWBD

14. Job Done

Job done is a professional freelancing website for the skilled and creative professional to join. They may become a great choice of freelancers who looking to build their carrier in remote freelancing or want to earn money at home.

The clients who looking to hire freelancers for their short time or long-time projects can easily hire the best freelancers for their business at a cheap price.

Nowadays, companies who don’t have top facilities and budget to hire full-time staff, are depending on freelancers for their quick need.

Therefore remote sites like job done can be a great choice to hire remote workers. The freelance workers and employers both can join this site to collaborate and save their precious time.

Join: Job Done

15. Z Freelancers

Z freelancers is a very clean and simple platform for getting started freelancing. This website is work on bidding system lime many sites, means after joining you’ve to bid on projects for getting hired.

You can also set your per hour rate or per project fixed price to getting hired by clients, as per your expertise. The job posting is free here for clients and they charge only 12% fee on total earned amount of freelances.

Here freelancers will get paid via Paypal accounts, International bank transfer or any other wallet like skills or Payoneer.

best paying micro job sites

Join: Z Freelancers

16. Gum Road

Gum road is one of the very popular freelance websites with a huge community of more than 40k freelancers and creators. If you are a freelancer then you may like to choose gum road as an alternative to Upwork.

They provide a free platform for professionals and creatives, additionally, they charge $10 per month for getting more exposer and extra features. They only charge a fee of 8.5%+30 cent per transaction from free users and 3.5% + 30 cents per sale from premium account users.

For those who are willing to their products and wants to scale up their business may also join this website for getting more sells, using this platform.

Join: Gum Road

17. M Job Market

M job market is claiming to be a free job posting website for both clients and freelancers. Here freelancers can join them to getting hired by clients. The clients and business may hire freelancers directly here and can also pay them on any payment method as per their choice, mostly PayPal or bank transfers.

They don’t provide their own payment gateway, however, they provide a secure chat system which can be more beneficial for communication, negotiation and hiring freelancers.

Join: M Job Market

18. Joberr

Joberr is another remote platform for remote workers and creative freelancers. They are providing a platform for getting work or hiring talent both locally or globally, using this platform.

Here freelancers can join to get both local jobs like shopping for clients, cleaning the house or repair cars and also get work globally.

Remote workers can also bid on remote projects on joberr and can earn handsome money. As a freelancer, you may sell any kind of valid and creative gigs on jonerr.

Join: Joberr

19. Tara Work

Tara work is also a remote job website who connect sellers, around the world to customers and clients. They are looking like a free platform for both gig sellers and buyers.

Here, sellers can join at free for getting work and earn money. The sellers will get paid, after approver by clients and till payments are held by Tera work. They charge a small commission from freelancers for using Tera work.

Join: Tera Work

20. Fee Hour

Fee hour is a great place for talented freelancers to join. They have a huge list of 100 service categories where a freelancer can list their selling gigs to clients.

Here freelancer can join as a seller or pro seller, depends on their skills and working experience. A seller can set their own prices on fee hour between anywhere $5 to $999 bucks.  They take 20% of commission from freelancers and release the rest money on their bank accounts directly.

best paying micro job sites

Join: Fee Hour

21. ZV Market

Zv market is established and start working officially in 2016 and now still growing a platform for joining. Here remote sellers can sell gigs directly to clients and can set their own gig selling price.

They also provide 30 days guaranty support to clients for hassle-free shopping on ZV market. After successful delivery of work, sellers will get their payments online.

Join: ZV Market

22. Neo Bux

Neo Bux is not a micro job site but it is a PTC website which can be beneficial to earn some buck, using Here you’ll get paid while watching ads, taking surveys and clicking ads.

Their payout rates are very low, therefore you need to work hard here with patience to make money on neo Bux.

Join: Neo Bux

23. YooKer

Yooker can be another choice for you if you looking for the best paying micro job sites for joining. Here freelancers can sell up to 70 gigs with different categories. They can start selling gigs at $4 to $100 bucks.

This freelance platform only charges 16% commission from 0 lever sellers and upper-level seller have to pay a 15% fee. As a seller, you can also bid on projects, posted by clients. They use Paypal as the payment method.

Join: YooKer

24. Bask bay

Bask bay is another Fiverr clone website who can be beneficial for freelancers to join and start getting more projects and do what you like to do for money.

Here sellers can sell gigs between $5 to $5o bucks. They also charge only 5% commission and release payments under 10 days via PayPal account.

best paying micro job sites

Join: Bask Bay

25. Dig e Sale an SEO based remote freelancing platform for joining and selling gigs. However, you can also sell other gigs here like programming, article writing SEO, SEM, and other stuff.

They are top-rated websites for selling gigs as a freelancer or micro worker. They take 20% of commission from freelancers and release payments when freelancers will earn minimum $20 bucks on their wallet.

Join: Dig e Sale

26. K Work

K work is a freelance marketplace who works as a bridge between gig sellers and buyers to collaborate with each other. They are offering to provide fast and services. 

The gig buyers and sellers can join K work at free. They have flexible fees and charges for freelance workers. They charge 20% commission on starting and when the seller will earn $500 then they charge 12% after you earn more than $5000 than they only charge 5% commission for using

Join: K Work

27. Zop Graphic is a freelance marketplace similar to 99designs and focused on graphic designing works. Any web designer or graphic designer can sell their designs on zop graphics and will get up to 70% or total revenue shares on each sale.

As a seller, you may join here and after joining you could able to create your portfolio here for better exposers. They are providing a platform for creative freelancers and designers to choose any category like zop designing, zop audio, zop codes, zop themes and zop videos for start selling gigs.

However, authors can also join this website to earn money. They use Paypal as their primary payment method.

Join: Zop Graphics


In this article, I discussed the top and best paying micro job sites and freelancing websites to join for making online money at home without any Investments. You may like to join these freelance micro job sites to sell your own gigs or hire remote workers for your businesses or projects at a cheap rate.

These are the best paying micro job sites are very legit small task sites and trusted by millions of freelancers around the world. They may help you to catch more freelancing market. These micro job sites are globally established and providing remote opportunities to many freelancers. 

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