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Best Link Shortener Websites: 25 Highest Paying Websites For URL Shortener

Hey, Guys If you want to make some online money in the home at your own convenience then there are many types of online work such as website testing job, Social Media Marketing and more.

You can make genuine Income using these websites. URL shorting is another online work which you can start today without any Investment. Here you find best link shortener websites to start your work.

You can use these 25 best link shortener websites to make online money. These websites are legit and highest paying websites. You can join these websites for free and start making money online at home.

1. Spaste

Spaste is just another best link shortener website which you can use for making online money at home. Their payout rates are fair. They also offer a referer programme for making $5 extra money on each joining through your link.

You can join spaste for free. Here you can withdraw your money when you earn $5 in your account via PayPal.

best link shortener

Visit: Spaste

2. Oke offers you to join their community for free. They are providing you link shortening opportunity at home. Their payout rates are good and they provide cashout on a daily basis.

Your minimum earning should be $5 buck to withdraw your money on You’ll be paid via Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, and Payzaa.

best link shortener


3. is just another best link shortener website. They give you higher payout rates in every 1000 views on both Pc and mobile traffic.

You can also make money by using your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So join their platform now and start making some real cash through your social popularity.

Whenever you will earn $10 bucks, you can withdraw your earning via your Paypal or Payoneer account.

best link shortener

Visit: Bc.Vc

4. U skip.Me

U is another link shortener website. All working steps are so simple on U You just sign up here and create a short link then they’ll add an intermediate advertisement page in your link. When any visitor redirects through your link, you’ll start making money.

Their payout rates are Low. They are paying only $0.5 on every 1000 views. Therefore you need a good amount of traffic to earn a decent amount. You can join their referer programme to earn 10% extra commission.

best link shortener

Visit: U

5. Url cash

As you can guess by reading the name of that website URL cash. Yes, this is also a link sharing website where you can make money by sharing links on your blog post, forums or your website.

For making money, you just need to paste a simple code on your website and you can start making online money. The best part about this website is that they pay you 35% of referrer commission for the lifetime.

best link shortener

Visit: URL cash

6. Link I Like

The link I like is also the best link shortener website where you can make money by sharing links or promoting brands you like most. Any social Influencer with any social media platform, Facebook pages or Blog with some decent following can join  Link I like for free.

Here you’ll find some Interesting content for share on your social media followers. As an Agency you can join their affiliate programme for making money and you can also join the partnership programme to become a partner in their global Influencing network.

They are working with some big brands like Gray media, SKY, Bay Bayer and more and providing a Legit platform for social Influencers and promoters for making online money.

best link shortener

Visit: Link I like

7. Share Magnet

Share magnet is the best link shortener which gives you money just to share a link on your social media accounts. They are the social advertiser and looking for social Influencers who can share their brand on social networking sites like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and more. 

Here you’ll find a list of big brands and companies who are looking for the brand promotion, you just need to sign up and join Share magnet to make money. PPC rates vary, depend on advertisers and your niche.

  • They are not paying you to generate impressions. They only pay you money when you get a click on their link.
  • You need to understand your audience first before choosing any link promotion and also you need to stick with one niche to grab more clicks on your link.
  • You need to join relevant blogs and forum for sharing links and start getting clicks on your link.
  • Payments are done via PayPal account. 

best link shortener

Visit: Share Magnet

8. Sky Likes

Sky Links is not just a Link sharing site but also a very trusted social media Influencing website and best link shortener website. They provide a platform a connects many big content creators and Influence to meat big brands and make money by social media Influencing business.

If you have any kind of website, blog or social media platform then you can make good money through social Influencing and content marketing. 

  • You can join the sky link and can start your social campaign.
  • They’ll pay you via Bank transfer or Payoneer.

best link shortener

Visit: Sky Likes

9. is a very popular and best link shortener website, and they provide you with many ways to make online money through their legit website. Their payout rates also high, especially for English seeking countries.

You can make money through your blog, social media community and earn 20% commission for joining their referral programme. If you are a publisher then you can monetize your blog and your shared links with

Monetizing website through is very simple, when users land on your page and click on your link then they’ll see an ad before reaching any designation page. You can also make money on this site by crypto mining work.

If you have a pc and you want to make money then you’ve to install their application on your pc and they give you the best cryptocurrency for mined, according to your graphics card and processor. You can simply make money by using your own pc.

best link shortener


10. Get Paid

This is a platform where clients post their requirements and you just need to share their links on your social media platform. They’ll pay you money for helping them to grow their business.

They post some simple task for you like sharing or liking a social media post or page, visiting a website, following on twitter, etc. Whenever you complete your short task, you’ll get a reward by Get

They have also a referral programme where you can earn money just to refer to brands and products to your friends and family.

best link shortener

Visit: Get

11. Share Pop

Share pop offers you to make money online through your social media following. If you have at least 10k social media followers in your any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube etc then you can Join Share pop for making money. You can also promote content through your blog.

This website works on the same concept, Here you can choose your favorite products or apps for promotion and when you earn some money, you can withdraw your payment via Paypal and wire transfer. You’ll be paid weekly or monthly as per your request.

best link shortener

Visit: Share Pop

12. is a very popular and the best URL shortener website for joining. If you want to join then you have to sign up here with your social media account and you can join as an advertiser or Influencer. Advertisers can start their campaign on at just $5 bucks. 

As a Social Influencer, you get shorted link for promotion. You can share that URL on any of your social media account like Facebook, Twitter and you’ll get paid on each visit through your URL link.

You can also use their app for more customization. They’ll pay you via PayPal and Payoneer when you earn only $5 bucks on your account. If you looking for best link shortener websites then you must join

best link shortener


13. DwIndly offers you to join their unique pay per click programme where you can make as much money as you can. You just need to sign up here for joining, after you get lots of shortened URLs of various brands.

You have to choose any shorten link as per your interest and share that link on your social media platforms and Youtube channel, websites or blog for making money. You’ll be paid when someone clicks on your shortened URL.

They are the best link shortener website in Industry and also a legit company. They give you a chance to make money at home without any investment. You can make some more money through their referral programme. Refer your friends to join and get 20% of their earned money.

You’ll get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin or Ethereum. when you request payment via PayPal, you must have at least $5 bucks in your PayPal account.

best link shortener


14. Share Link Job

This is another best link shortener and they offer you to share short links on the social platform and earn online cash. They will pay between 0.10 to 3 INR for each unique visitors, views or clicks.

You will get paid via Paytm wallet when you get INR 100 in your wallet. Here you can join share link job and start making money through your social media popularity. You can download use their android app for your link sharing work.  

best link shortener

Visit: Share Link Job

15. Appy Link

As you can understand to see their name, AppyLink is basically an app promotion website where you get short links to many popular Android apps and games. You have to share that short links of an app with your friends, followers and your community for making online money.

Your work on AppyLink is so easy. You just sign up here with any social media account, pick a popular app or game and simply share that links to your friends. After all, you start making money when someone downloads an app through your given link.

best link shortener

Visit: AppyLink


Viraliti is a similar link sharing website as we discussed earlier in this post. They provide a social media advertising network for both advertisers and Influencers. Big brands who want to promote their business in social platforms will post their link for share. 

As a social Influencer, you have to share their links or contents to your social media accounts and you’ll get paid money for your promotional work.

you can check your click rate and earning any time through their analytic system. They focused on Pinterest users, Therefore you must have a Pinterest account for decent followers to join their social media promotion community. You’ll get paid via PayPal account with minimum $30 bucks. 

best link shortener

Visit: Viraliti

17. is a very reputed and best link shortener website and social media platform with their 100k marketers and Influencers. They give a chance for Influencers, bloggers and content creators to just create a call to action button on each post and share their sponsored link.

All work on this website is very simple. If you have an engaging blog with some decent following and you looking for some best link shortener websites then you should join for making online money.

You don’t need to create any special content to promote their links. You have to share their link on your written post.

best link shortener


18. Link shrink

Link shrink is another best link shortener website where you can join for free.  This site is very old and trusted Link shortener website. You start getting money on link shrink when someone sees your link or click on your shorter link. 

You can analysis your best audience who click on your URL for increase earning with their strong analytic system.

If you want to monetize your web traffic then you can use their script to monetize your web traffic and make moneyYou’ll get paid when you earn only $5 bucks.

They have high payout rates on each click, compare to others. They also run their preferred programmer where you can earn 20% of commission money on each successful sign-up.

best link shortener

Visit: Link Shrink

19. Short Zon

Shortzon also offers to make money by sharing links with your audience and followers. You can use shortzon for free and start your link shortening work through their legit website.

They are also a high paying website where you can make a good monthly income by just sharing some links on social media or your public network. 

The best part of their website is they’ll pay you when you earn just $3 bucks on your account. You can withdraw your money anytime via Paypal account. Their referral programme gives you an extra 20% commission for referring links to your friends.

best link shortener

Visit: Shortzon

20. Pretty Link

Pretty link is a specially designed website for link shortening work. Joining and working are very easy and simple on Pretty link. You just create an account here for joining and you can start your best link shortener work for making money.

Their payout rates are as high as $12 bucks on every 1000 views on both mobile or desktop. Their offered programmes give you 21% commission on every sign-up. You can withdraw your payment via PayPal when you earn $5 bucks on the pretty link.

best link shortener


21. Mini URL

Mini URL is another link sharing website. You can join mini URL for making money at home. All working process on Miniurl is same as I described above. You just have to send traffic to your targeted website.

You can choose websites for your best link shortener work and when anyone clicks on your short link URL then you start earning some money.

They give you 20% of the referer commission. They’ll pay you via Palpal or bank transfer when you earn at least $5 bucks on your account.

best link shortener


Visit: Mini URL


OuO is a Mexican based link shortener company and we can count them in 3 best link shortener companies. Anyone can join OuO for free and their payouts on per 1000 views are also very decent. You can easily sign up here in just a few seconds and start making money.

They send payments to their users account on the 1st and 15th day of each month. They use PayPal and Payoneer as their payment method.

You just need $5 bucks on your Paypal account to withdraw your earning. They also run a referral programme where you get 20% commission on each sign up through your link.

best link shortener


23. is also a legit and best link shortener website. You can join for free and earn cash at home. They develop some plugins and add-ons which help you to monetize your WordPress website.

Their payout rates are decent and they run their referral programme where you can make 20% commission on each sign-up.

You can withdraw your payments on a daily basis. You just need $5 bucks on your account to get payment, They’ll pay you via PayPal or Payoneer. 

best link shortener


24. is a complete website for link shortener job. Some features like $1 minimum payout and fastest payment system make this website perfect.

Their payout rates are also fair and you get your payment within 24 hours of your payment request. They’ll pay you via Paypal, skrill and Payza account.

You can also join their refer programme and earn 20% commission for life when your friends will join through your affiliate link.

best link shortener


25. Link Bucks

Link bucks is another link sharing site for webmasters, bloggers and web users to make money using this platform. They connect webmasters, web users and advertiser to make money together.

As a webmaster, you don’t need to fill your site with tots of irritating ads You can monetize your blog, website and social community, using their links.

They offer fair payout rates for publishers and you get your payment when you earn $10 bucks on your account. You can join their referer programme that allows you to make an extra 10% commission for life. 

best link shortener

These are the best link shortener websites where you can find work at the home opportunity at free. Now in 2018, you can also use and for link shortener work.

Google provides a great platform to create a beautiful short link to any website and promote anything at social media and the internet.

If you are really serious about making online money at home then You must try these popular and legitimate link shortener website, without any delay. These websites are free to join. Therefore you don’t need to invest a single penny for joining. Best of Luck !!

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