Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

Best Freelance Websites for Beginners: 32 Top Freelancing Sites [2019]

Are you a freelancer or a job seeker who looking for legitimate remote jobs then here you’ll find the best freelance websites for beginners and students to grab new jobs and work opportunities at home. 

As a freelancer, when you join some popular micro job websites like Fiverr then you have to face tuff competition because most freelancers don’t know much about other freelance websites where they can also sell their gigs, find projects or get full-time work in big companies.

However, these websites will help you to work with brands and clients but sometimes you need to compete with others to get jobs and projects. 

Here, you’ll find the top 30 best freelance websites for beginners and students who can earn a full-time income through these websites and enhance their skills and work abilities.

1. Freelance Myway

Freelance Myway is one of the best freelance websites for beginners to find remote freelance opportunities from home. This legitimate freelance website is free for freelancers to join and earn.

They also don’t charge any commission to clients for posting jobs and hiring freelancers. Freelance my ways work on a bidding system and freelancers have to bid on jobs and projects to get hired fast by clients and employers.

Join: Freelance Myway

2. Angel List

Angel List is a very popular job board websites to find remote jobs. They are currently working with big brands and companies like Asana, Uber, SeatGeek, Gusto, VSCO and more like that.

Freelancers can signup here for free to get freelance job opportunities. This is one of the best freelance websites for beginners and freshers to find remote job opportunities to work for MNCs.

Join: Angel List

3. The Leaf Group

Leaf Group is a big company who provide job opportunities in various cities like New York, Santa Monica, Denver and more. You can check out their job board to grab new freelance job opportunities and start earning at home.

They are working with a few big brands and companies. Here, you will find different job requirements such as content writing, adulterers, finance, sales and more.

You can choose any job and apply for jobs at home. If you fulfill their job requirements then you’ll get freelance job opportunities.

Join: Leaf group

4. The Muse

The muse is a job board website where freelancers and skilled workers can find their dream jobs easily. Their job board provide thousands of jobs per year and fulfill the skilled workforce requirements of brands and MNCs.

This website is one of the best freelance websites for beginners and job seekers who are looking for remote opportunities at home. They dispense all kind of jobs like marketing, engineering finance and more to remote workers and job seekers.

Their job board has listed lots of international job vacancies for freelancers to apply. The remote workers can also apply directly to their desired company.

Join: The Muse

5. Freelancer Club

The freelance club is also a community of freelancers and employers. They are focused to provide freelance job opportunities in make-up artists, photographing, designing and more like that.

As a freelancer, you can choose their free plan to join. They have also two separate plans starter and pro where you can to grab more job proposals and projects.

Here, you can also choose jobs, using their job board and you can directly apply for jobs. If you are passionate about photography, designing and makeup works then this freelance website may be helpful for you to earn huge money through freelancing.

Join: freelance club

6. Boonle

Boonle provides a platform for us based students and college graduates to earn decent money at home. They don’t charge any fee to clients for posting job post or projects.

Freelancers and students can join this website and can make money while doing short projects like logo designing, web designing, graphic designing or managing social media accounts.

This is one of the best freelance websites for beginners and US college students to build their freelance career and earn handsome money.

Join: Boonle

7. Jobs Outsource

Jobs outsource is a digital marketing company who provide remote jobs to freelancers and digital marketers. They offer various types of digital marketing services like Facebook Ads, Social media management SEO, Google AdWords, copywriting and more with different monthly packages for clients and businesses.

As a freelancer, you can join jobs outsource for free and start working with established brands and companies. You can make money by offering digital services to clients and businesses.

Join: Jobs outsource

8. Growth Geeks

Growth geeks is a digital service provider company who provide all kinds of digital services like social media growth, SEO, Social media management, Infographics, Email campaigns, and all other digital stuff for brands and businesses.

If you have a digital marketing agency then you can collaborate with growth geeks and start selling geeks to your clients under your branding and make money. They will do all the work for your clients. They are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

Growth geeks offer various monthly subscription plans where clients can find digital services as per their requirement.

Join: Growth geeks

9. Mavis

Mavis is also one of the best freelance websites for beginners to start working at home. Here, freelancers can find both freelance jobs and full-time job opportunities.

If you are a freelancer or a job seeker who looking for creative jobs or full-time jobs then you can check out their job board to find your dream jobs now. They are working with brands and agencies, located in the UK and Europe.

Join: Mavis

10. Creative Group

Creative group is a part of the popular company The job seekers and digital freelancers can find jobs here in different roles and categories like web designer, graphic designer, front-end developer, marketing and more.

They are providing jobs at word’s top-class cities and location with high salaries and facilities. Their custom filters will help you to find jobs near you. You don’t need to pay any fee for applying for jobs, using this platform.

Join: Creative group

11. Hirable

Hirable is a professional niche website for coders and developers. Here, you can join as a coder for free to work with this website. The employers and clients can buy monthly or yearly subscription plans for using hirable and can hire coders. Their monthly subscription plan starts with $49.

Freelance coders can start getting job proposals after sigh up here. They have to build an impressive portfolio for getting hired fast.

Join: Hirable

12. Mashable Job Board

The Mashable job board is a popular job board, offering jobs at all located in the world. They provide jobs and freelance work opportunities to remote workers and job seekers.

The job seekers can also upload their resumes free at this website for getting job alerts and new opportunities. Employers can post their job requirements on Mashable job board. They charge between $259 to $399 for posting jobs to clients.

Join: Mashable job board

13. Work Market

Work Market is another top freelancing website for beginners and freshers to find remote work at their own comfort. They also offering experienced freelancers to join their top 10% talent group to earn more money.

They are working with big brands around the world and help them to grow their businesses with the best workforce and skilled workers. The work market is mostly providing opportunities in tech, marketing, and retail-related work.

You can also download their app to easily access their websites and find work on your phone. You can sign up here to find jobs, according to your skills and interest.

Join: Work Market

14.  Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a platform for both clients and remote freelancers to find legitimate workers and freelance opportunities. They don’t charge any fee or commission for freelancers and remote workers.

They have a growing freelance community of more than 400k freelancers who are ready to work remotely and save lots of time and money for startups and businesses and help them to grow fast. Clients can start posting jobs here at just $19 with 30 days money back guaranty.

The clients can find any type of remote work here like copywriting, project management, web design, video editing, programming, customer service, and more. Their reliable communication method will help clients to content with freelancers via messaging, voice and video features.

Freelancers can join and start working on part-time or full time as per their interest. You can join as an affiliate partner and earn up to 50% on each sale via your affiliate link.

Join: Outsourcely

15. Remote OK

Remote Ok is another freelance job board website where you can find remote freelance opportunities. They provide freelance job opportunities to freelancers and job seekers.

This website has a big freelance remote worker’s community and nearly 1 million freelancers are connected with remote Ok to grab freelance work opportunities.

They prove remote work opportunities for different companies and different sectors like software development, marketing, front-end & back-end projects, non-tech jobs, and digital marketing projects. Their job board is regularly updated with new jobs and projects.

The clients can use this platform to post their job requirements to hire the best talent for their company. They charge $300 per job post on remote Ok.

Join: Remote Ok

16. Workana

Workana is another popular website which provides freelance opportunities for freelancers. Here clients can directly post their requirements and they’ll start getting bids from talented freelancers who ready to help you out.

Freelancers can offer any kind of work here like article writing, app development, logo design, sales, marketing, and more. All kind of job posting is free for clients and business. However, they have to pay a service fee when they hire any freelancer for their projects.

The Joining is free for freelancers and they can upgrade their account anytime through buying a membership plan. They charged a 20% commission fee to freelancers which can be decreased when the client has paid more than $300.

Join: Workana

17. Pro Z

Proz is an online community of 300k freelancers and job professionals. They are focused niche website on language professionals, Interpreters, and translators, around the world.

This freelance website is working with big companies, businesses, and clients, globally. Proz is providing huge job opportunities for freelancers who are good at translation and language-related works. It’s good for freelancers to join if they have good command in more than one language.

As a freelancer, you can join for free and can upgrade your membership account anytime, as per your need. Their premium membership starts with $110 per annum for freelancers and $299 for businesses.

Join: Proz

18. Super Tasker

Super tasker is another top freelance website for beginners to start freelancing at home. This freelance website is not the much popular website like Fiverr, therefore you don’t face huge bidding fight here to get single freelance opportunities.

Super tasker is a part of the popular freelance website People Per Hour. They offer the same freelance services as other freelance websites offer like copywriting, web development, graphic designing, Infographics and more.

You can also sell your freelance Gigs in this platform through a sign up here. After joining, You can sale your Gigs at $5 or as much as you want.

Join: Super tasker

19. Landing Jobs

Landing Jobs is basically a job board where the freelancer can find best-suited work opportunity, around the world. They can find remote work, part-time work of full-time work, as per their interest and availability.

The aim of this website is to provide tech professionals to business and fulfill their requirements. As you can understand this freelance website is specially designed for developers, programmers, data engineer, and coder to find freelance work opportunities.

Many big companies are posting their requirement daily. Freelancers just need to apply directly for jobs when they find any suitable jobs available for them.

Join: Landing Jobs

20. Jobs Presso

Jobpresso is another job board website. Here freelancers will find all kind of freelance jobs like the web developer, designing, marketing, writing, project management, and more.

Freelancers can join and upload their resume here for free to reach new clients and opportunities. Remote workers can also directly apply for jobs on Jobspresso when they get any good freelance job opportunities.

The clients can buy a membership for posting a job on this website. They have three plans basic, featured, and professional for the job posting. The basic job posting plan starts at $199 where the client can post 1 job for 90 days.

Join: Jobpresso

21. Twine

Twine is offering a platform for freelancers to sell all types of digital freelance services to employers and businesses. Here, freelancers can offer services like graphic designing, logo designing, animation and more like that.

The joining on twine is free for freelancers, remote workers, and employer. Now, more than 240k freelancers and professionals have already joined this platform for making money.

This platform is not only good for freelancers but also great for startups and business for hiring professional at a fair price. The job posting on twine is very easy and free. After posting any job or projects, they start getting proposals from different freelancers.

They can also hire any freelancer as per their interest. Twine charge only 20% commission to clients after work. Twine is offering their impressive partner program where you can join for free. After joining, you can make as much commission as you can.

They offer up to 25% commission to partners whenever any client joins through their referral link and spend money on this website. They share 25% of their revenue for the first 12 months.

Join: Twine

22. Base Way

Baseway is the new freelance marketplace for joining. Here freelancers can update their skills and per hour rate after joining. The clients can post their job requirements and projects on Baseway at free.

This is a relatively new website, therefore this website in working globally. Now, they are actively working in Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK.

Join: Baseway

23. Github Jobs

Github Jobs is a popular job board. The clients and businesses are posting their requirement, using this platform. They charge $450 dollars per job post for 30 days on GitHub job board. Github is a web developer company and they only offer freelance jobs, related to web development, coding, WordPress, Engineering, and programming.

As a freelancer, you can apply for jobs directly, using this platform. You just need to look out their requirements and when you find any suitable jobs, you can easily apply for them. Here, you will find both full time and part-time job opportunities, around the world.

Join: Github Jobs

24. Working Not Working

Working not Working is a freelance platform for freelancers and job seekers where they find job opportunities and freelance opportunities at home. Top 2000 companies are connected with this website and they post their job requirements, using their job boards.

Their basic job posting plan starts with $250 dollar and the pro plan starts at $300 dollar for clients to post job requirements. The creative and skilled freelancers can also join here for free to make money at home. Freelancers may also apply for jobs directly through the job board.

Join: Working not Working

25. Sell Gigs

Sell gigs is another freelance website similar to Fiverr. This freelance website may helpful for beginners and students to find freelance jobs and projects without tough competition. Freelance sellers can join this website to sell their freelance services remotely.

Freelancers can easily sell their Service Gigs between $5 to $ 50.  They can directly offer freelance services to clients and can bid on projects to make money.

This website is work as a small task website, where freelancers can offer Gigs as Instagram follow, Youtube Views, logo design, Web traffic, and more to clients.

Join: Sell gigs

26. Freelance Me

Freelance me is a platform for both freelancers and employers to connect with each other. This is an Egypt based freelance company which offer jobs to freelancers. The clients can also post their requirements, using this platform to hire skilled remote talent.

As a freelancer, you can join this website to find freelance work to make online money. Employers can also hire freelancers to review their portfolios.

Join: Freelance me

27. Parttimer Z

Parttimerz also offers to provide freelance job opportunities to freelancers and online professionals. They provide a platform for clients to post their job requirements and hire the best matching freelancer for their jobs and projects.

They have many freelance job categories like sales, writing, designing, finance where any freelancer can choose their gig, according to their skills and expertise.

Join: Parttimer z

28. Go Lance

If you looking for the best freelance websites for beginners than Golance may help you to reach your goal. This freelance website is provided remote job opportunities for freelancers and their job board is a great platform for brands to show their needs and jobs requirements.

The freelancer can join Golance at free and they can start working with clients, Globally. After joining, freelancers have to choose their per hour rate which they charge to clients for their freelance services.

Golance offers Gorefer programme where anyone can earn 10% commission when people join and start working with Golance through your referral link.

Join: Golance

29. Remote

Remote is another freelancing platform for freelancers and remote workers to find freelance jobs. Top-skilled freelancers are working with and they offer all kind of freelance services which any company demand to grow their business.

The freelancers can join remote for free and they can apply for jobs directly to clients and business to remote jobs.

The clients can hire a skilled freelancer directly by checking out their skills and expertise and they also can use their remote job board to hire the best remote talent. The basic price of posting jobs on remote are free and the premium plan starts with $295 for employers.


30. Work Roll

The work roll is a job recruiter company who are providing remote talent to brands and businesses. The aim of this freelance website to provide the best matching talent to companies and brands.

The clients can use this platform for free and post one job, using this platform. If clients are looking to hire more remote freelancers then they can any of their plans, startup, established and enterprise.

Their start-up plan starts at £ 29 per month. Freelancers can also find job opportunities here on work roll to make money online.

Join: work roll

31. Freelancer Map

Freelancer map is an online remote platform which is dealing with IT projects and assignments. As a freelancer, you may like to join this platform to get hired, according to your skills and expertise on IT and Tech industry.

As we know the IT industry is growing very rapidly, therefore clients and companies around the world, looking for freelancers for their short term or long term projects.

They like to hire hard-working remote workers for their work. Therefore you can find here many new IT projects and jobs every week to showcase your skills and earn money.

Freelancer map is a free platform for both freelancers and clients. However, they have also premium membership plans which starts at $10 per month for one year.

Join: Freelancer Map

32. Work Rockers

Work rockers are also one of the popular and best freelance websites for beginners as well as experienced freelancers to join. This platform works on the bidding system, means you need to bid on projects to get hired.

This is a free platform for freelancers to register and bid on projects. however, they also provide pro bidding to freelancers on the additional fee.

They don’t charge any amount to the clients for posting jobs and hiring remote workers. When any freelancer has done their projects and the client has paid the full amount then they only charge 12.5% service fee to freelancers.

Here any skilled freelancer can start selling gigs on any type of freelance projects like Content writing, IT and web designing, accounting, virtual assistants, sales, and marketing. 

Join: Work Rockers

These are the best freelance websites for beginners, students and housewives for start freelancing at home and make money. Anyone can join these websites to earn a full-time income in their spare time. 

These freelance websites might be helpful for you Whether you are a student or a remote worker, you can find here lots of work and opportunities.

Lastly, I just hope you like this article and this article will help you to build your freelancing career in 2019. If you will find these websites helpful then you might share this article with others so that they can also use these websites for making money.

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