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Alternatives to 99designs: Top 15 Freelance Websites Similar to 99designs [2019]

Guys If you looking for top alternatives to 99designs then this article”ll help you to find the best alternatives to 99designs for freelancing jobs at home. Many graphics designers don’t know that there are many sites similar to 99designs and some great alternatives to 99design for start freelancing work and earn good monthly Income.

Freelancing is the best way to show creative skills, work on full potential, learn new things, work without any pressure and make huge money. There are no boundaries for freelancers, so they can earn as much as they can.

If we talk about 9 to 5 job then most of the people don’t like such type of jobs because they don’t want to work under pressure or a limited direction. We know many of job holders traveling between home and office and waste their valuable working time because of huge traffic jams.

Therefore people love to work at home and save valuable time as well as money. In this article you”ll find the Best 15 alternatives to 99designs. If you looking for more freelance opportunities then try Top 10 Latest Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs to earn more money at home. 

List of top 15 sites similar to 99designs in 2019

1. Crowd Spring

Crowd spring is just another freelance web design marketplace and offers to offer different types of custom logo design, web design, T-shirt design, product design and more at an affordable price.

They are looking for smart and creative freelancers who love to build things for other people. Crowd spring is working with more than 200k designers and you can join here for free. This website is also offering their clients to 30 days money-back guarantee.

Clients can hire and work with each freelancer for their project, therefore, they can hire directly to any freelancer for their projects and requirements.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Crowd Spring

2. Design Bro

Design bro is another freelance marketplace to find a remote job online. They mostly offer logo design, branding, and packaging design.  As a graphic designer, you can send your portfolio here to join them.

They offer world-class designing services at the budget price and their logo design price starts at just $199 dollar. Design bro works on bidding system but as a designer, you don’t need to compete 100 designers at the same time to get a job on design bro.

They only allow 10 designers for each designing project. Therefore each designer can make good money on design bro, that’s why I included design bro to top alternatives to 99designs.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Design Bro

3. Studio.envato

Envato Studio is a marketplace where graphic designers, web developer, and logo designers are looking for a full-time job and set up their career. As a freelancer, here you get many opportunities and best price for your skills.

Studio.envato is specially designed for graphic design work like 99design. Here you can set your Gig freely, according to your ability. when your profile will be seen by client’s, they’ll hire you.

You will receive your payments after completing any successful freelance project and remote work.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Studio.envato

4. Folyo.Me is a medium size graphic designing marketplace and they want to offer both freelance designers and their potential clients with a better way to find each other and collaborate together. If you want to work here then you can apply to be a graphic designer on

They charge a subscription fee $39/month to freelancers for sending them 4xfreelance projects and they offer 30 days money back guarantee.

They also claimed to offer 30 to 40 freelance projects to their freelancers to earn thousands of dollar each month.

Alternatives to 99designs


5. Onsite

Onsite is a place where designers, developers, and copywriters can find many opportunities for freelance jobs. Applicants are carefully curated. Once accepted, freelancers can show off their portfolios, set the price rate, and manage their availability.

Onsite is an invite-only platform with all freelancers required to give work examples to get accepted fast. Onsite does not take commission from clients.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Onsite

6. Designs.Net is another graphic design marketplace and the best alternatives to 99designs with many customizations. They offer ready-made designs, fonts, temperates, layouts and more to save the time of clients. A client can hire designers for their projects at an affordable price.

It’s a great place for freelancers who like to set their own prices and want to get a good commission from their sales.

Their ready-made templates start at just $2 dollars. As a freelancer, you can register and sell your ready-made design here as well as offer personalized services for those who ask you.

Alternatives to 99designs


7. Zillion Designs

Zillion design is another big freelance marketplace for designers. Zillion designs give a different type of services such as logo design, web design, template designs, ad-designs, and other SEO services.

Their basis logo(logo+stationery) price starts at $247 for clients and they offer the money back if clients get less than 30 concepts for their order. They organize the contest between designers and designers have to send their designs on Zilla designs to get the order, according to clients need.

Zillion designs have a big community of 100k designers which makes it the best alternatives to 99designs. Any freelance designer can join Zillion design for making online money.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Zillion design

8. Juiiicy

Juiicy is a freelance community for freelance designers where they can find jobs related to graphics designing. To get started on Juiiicy you need to ask an invitation to them, and when they accept you, then you can start finding and applying for jobs.

Here designers can earn 7% commission by referring jobs to others. Some experienced designers have much workload whom they are not able to do all task then they refer fellow designers for that task.

The good thing about Juiicy is that Juiicy gives a platform for new designers to find the job, referred by other top designers and your peers. If you can make a good network on Juiicy then you receive lots of referrals from your colleagues and make good money.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Juiicy

9.  Design Crowd

Design crowd is the world’s #1 custom design marketplace for freelancing work. They offer many different types of categories such as logo and graphics designing, web designing, app designing, print and product designing, digital marketing and more.

Designcrowd seems the best alternative to 99designs because of it’s a big network of more than 600k freelancers. If you want to build your freelance career in web designing then Design crowd is the best marketplace to get started.

As a freelancer, you can join here and find jobs which posted by clients, you’ve to give your custom design to client for getting hired fast or clients can directly approach you for their new projects.

The best thing about Design crowd is that you don’t need to wait for a long time to get hired because Design crowd is a big freelance marketplace and trusted by many clients all over the world. They also offer their affiliate programme so if you want to earn some extra money you can join here and start earning money.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Design crowd

10. Art Wanted

Art wanted is a freelance website for freelancers who looking for getting paid for their art artwork. If you are a freelancer and want to show your artwork for making money, then this is a great platform to show your skills.

You can join Artwork for free and if your Art and paintings get selected by the client and someone buys it you end up with making great money on If you want to work on the best alternatives to 99designs then you must try this website.

Their basic plan is free and the monthly premium plan starts at just $5 bucks/month. They also offer personal website subscription in $10 bucks/month with all premium features. You can upgrade your account anytime.

Alternatives to 99designs

Join: Art Wanted

11. Dribbble

Dribbble is another freelance marketplace for designers and creative freelancers to show their skills and work on the website for clients who might want to hire them. This site is a community of freelance graphic designer, web designer, logo designer, and other creative freelancers.

This website gives freelance designers an opportunity to show their best work and get hired. Most of the client post their need for work here, thereby freelancers can bid on projects and get work. Clients can also hire freelancers directly according to their need.

Dribbble charge a fee to their clients for posting the job on their site, Their starting price is $299/month, therefore this site seems a job board as well.

Alternatives to 99designs

Join: Dribbble 

12. Markly

Merky is another popular freelance graphic design platform to find remote jobs at home. Their basic starter price is $99 with 3+ designs and money-back guarantee with T&C. They mostly deal in logo designs, web design, name creation, landing page, and business card making, etc.

As a graphic designer, you can join Markly free for freelancing jobs. They paid freelancers after 24 hours of closing the contest. Payments sent via PayPal or bank transfer.

This website is the top ’99designs competitors’ websites. You can try this website for graphic design work if you still looking for the best alternatives to 99designs.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Markly

13. 5crowd

5crowd is a graphics design agency and they mostly hire professional freelancers to work remotely. They offer services such as graphic designs and photography, video & audio, copywriting, translations and more.

The freelancer can join 5crowd after filling the joining form they test your skills and when you get a freelance job here, you receive your payment within 30 days after completing your task.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: 5crowd

14. Krop

Krop offers freelancers to find graphic designers jobs in their locations. This website work as a job board and freelancers can find great freelancing jobs here in Krop and I guess this website seems to be great alternatives to 99designs.

They charge $199 for post single job on Krop and they charge $299/month to reach thousands of freelancers resume and portfolio to their clients,

As a freelancer when you join Krop you find both full-time and part-time remote jobs. You can create a portfolio here to enhance your visibility and get found by many big companies who looking for creative freelancers.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Krop

15. Hexi Design

Hexi Design is basically a design based job portal where freelancers will find web designing jobs in a job board format. They have their fixed prices in different categories and clients has to choose a project package according to their need.

As a freelancer, you need to bid on projects, posted by clients to get the job. So getting the job here seems a difficult task and you need to compete with other freelancers for getting projects and earn money.

There most popular categories are logo designing, web designing, graphic designing, business card design and more such categories.

Alternatives to 99designs

Visit: Hexa Design

There are the best 15 alternatives to 99designs. I hope these sites similar to 99designs will help you to find best Legitimate alternatives to 99designs websites.

You can also read the best fiver alternative websites to find more opportunity to getting hired fast. If you now work on those 99designs alternatives, you can share your work experience with us.

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