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99designs Competitors: 16+ Logo Designing Websites Similar to 99designs

Web design websites are getting a very popular and compulsory option for online business as well as startups. Many corporates who deal with any type of businesses are always looking for the top web designing platforms like 99designs for their business.

The business has always been a demand of logos, designs, animation videos, app designing or more much stuff like this, therefore they are using some of the very popular and reputed websites like 99designs or design crowd for their requirements.

As we aware many clients don’t know much about some of the other 99designs competitors and similar marketplaces which works on the same concept.

There are several freelance web designing marketplaces available online and clients can easily post their requirements or hire freelancers at cheap price, using these websites.

However, these marketplace works on the same design concept system or bidding system as 99designs do but these sites are not getting as much traffic as 99designs.

As a freelancer, many folks start their freelancing carrier with logo designing projects, because this might be an easy task for them to build their career in web designing. Therefore, many freelancers are struggling to get the first order from clients because of huge competition.

Luckily, there are many other websites available online for freelancer where they can earn a full-time income with fewer competitions. I have already discussed 15 99desigs alternative websites in my previous post.

Similarly, in this article, I will share with you a few more legitimate websites where freelancers can join at no cost.

Although, these websites are not as much popular as 99designs but these 99designs competitors might be a great alternative for freelancers to make money and also for clients to hire affordable contender.

The List of top web and Logo Designing Websites:

1. Coro Flot

Coroflot is an US-based freelance website for finding remote projects. They have a huge community of top-notch freelancers and web designers who are interested to serve their best services to clients.

Many big brands such as Facebook, Adidas, Adobe and more are working with coroflot.com to fulfill their requirements. For clients, they provide a legit platform to search best suitable freelancer for their need with a subscription fee of $199 and with $399 plan, you can also post one job post for your brand.

As a freelancer, any remote worker can apply for relevant jobs after joining on Coreflot. Freelancers can easily choose any remote job within a huge list of thousand jobs.

Visit: Coro Flot

2. Squad Help

Squad help is a marketplace for creative peoples to show their unique talent for money. They are providing different services to clients, mainly three services they offer to clients business names, taglines, and business logo.

They are also imparting a platform for domain name sellers to list their domain name here for selling. People who are interested in domain flipping business can also join this website to sellout their domains for profit.

Squad help offers online agency services to clients that can be helpful for a growing business to scale up fast in the market. If you have a creative mind than you should join their freelance community at free for making money online. You’ll get all your earned payments directly through PayPal account.

Visit: Squad Help

3. Awesome Web

Awesome web is a top freelance platform for all kind of web designing stuff like web designing, logo designing, app designing, Banner designing, WordPress and more. If you are a freelancer then you may like this web design website for finding work online.

As a freelancer, when you join Awesomeweb.com than they will assure you to earn money more comfortably without encountering any bidding war.

Here they don’t charge any kind of commission from freelancers for winning projects. They only charge a $27 monthly fee with 90 days money-back guarantee for their services which is less compared to other web designing platforms.

Visit: Awesome Web

4. Crowd Site

Crowd site is another freelancing site for freelancers and clients to join and start working together under one roof. They start working in the Netherlands and now they spread their business globally. A large community id freelancers, around 80k had already registered on crowdsite.com to earn money online.

Here anyone can start designing contest for their business or personal use with a small fee. The contest can be anything like designing logo, finding the business name or slogan, etc.

Visit: Crowd Site

5. Crowd Doodle

Crowd doodle is another web designing websites. They offer business name services to clients within 7 days and also offer other designing services like logo design, domain name, app names and more to clients as well.

As a freelancer, you can join this website for free. After joining you can easily able to participate in the contest through your account for making money. You can also participate with your freelance team, as per project requirements.

Visit: Crowd Doodle

6. Yanko Design

Are you good at photo graphics or you like creative designing? If yes, then this graphic designing website may be helpful for you to find top designing jobs in reputed companies. You can use this website to find freelancing jobs globally.

The best part of this site is they provide a base to submit your best designing work here. After submitting your UX design on yankodesign.com, you will start earning money whenever your design sold but you have to follow their rules carefully.

Visit: Yanko Design

7. Logo My Way

Logomyway is one of the top logo making freelance websites available online in the market. This logo designing website is quite similar to 48hourslogo.com which I had mentioned earlier in my other post.

Now if you are curies about how this website works than I can tell you that this freelancing works similarly to other web designing sites do. Here any client can start a logo contest with the amount of $200 to $1000 bucks and after that, they will start getting new designs for their business through 30k creatives.

When the client had found their desired logo than they could download the file and make payments to the winning designer. If you have any doubts then you may also check their reviews before joining.

Visit: Logo My Way

8. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a very reputed online magazine in America. They provide tons of opportunities to freelancers and creative peoples to make an earning through their talent.

They are providing opportunities like writing articles for their magazine, selling kindle book, arranging webinars for their freelance members and providing job opportunities to freelance UX Designers and Developers.

If you are looking for job opportunities or remote projects then your journey may end here on smashing magzine.com. You can directly apply for jobs here using their job board.

Visit: Smashing Magazine

9. Logo Ground

Logo ground is a professional logo marketplace with a freelance community of more than 20k freelancer and more than 60k logo designs. If you are good at designing and want to make some extra bucks through your skill than this website may help you to earn money.

This website basically provides a readymade logo buying and selling platform that means you have to upload your best logo for selling purpose and until someone orders.

Here you have to follow copyright rules and not to upload or sale your same logo at various other platforms at the same time.

When the client interested in your logo, they can directly book your logo using logo ground and you will get paid for your work.

Visit: Logo Ground

10. Dev Center.co

Dev center is working as a remote website and looking to hire talented candidates and creative web designers for their business. They are working for new startups and enterprises and fulfill their requirements with heir designing and web developing services online.

They have a creative team of freelancers where they work in two groups product designers and software designers. A product designer is responsible to design all kind of designs seamlessly and beautifully.

On the other hand, software developers are responsible for all kind of coding and technical works. As a designer, you can join their freelance community for free as per your skills and expertise.

Visit: Dev Center.co

11. Joom Lancers

Joomlances is a project-based freelance website and a platform for all the technical works and projects. They are working on the bidding system.

Here clients can directly post their requirements and technical problems, regarding websites and coding. After posting requirements, they’ll receive bids and offer from freelancers.

For freelancers, this platform can help them to find available projects for bidding. If their bid will get accepted by clients and they delivered work to clients on time then they’ll get their payments.

Visit: Joom Lancers

12. Deviant Art

Deviantart is a similar website like touchtalent.com. They have a community of creative freelancers where you can join for making money through your artistic skills.

They are providing a platform where any artist, designer or painter can list and sell their pictures or designs for money. Here clients can buy any kind of pictures, memes, or animated videos in a different category and different themes as per their requirements.

Visit: Deviant Art

13. Design Quote

Design quote is another alternative website to 99designs. They are working on the same bidding concept. Here clients and freelancers both can join at free. After joining, clients can post their projects and also can choose the best freelancer for their projects.

On the other hand, freelancer can bid on live projects for getting selected. design quote does not charge any commission from freelancers, however, freelancers have to pay some amount for getting clients lead. The amount of lead depends on the budget of projects.

Vist: Design Quote

14. Free Pik

Freepik is not a UX/UI designing website but a creative website for artist and creators where creators can upload their best pictures and arts for making money.

For creators, this website provides a platform to earn online money through pictures and arts on the basis of pay per download system.

Any creator can join this website and start uploading pictures for free. After uploading they have to wait till their pictures get approved on freepik.com and after that, they will start earning.

Visit: Free Pik

15. Folyo Jobs

Folyo jobs is a reputed freelance website for freelancers and web designers to get Designing jobs online. client use folyo.me as a job board and post their requirements to hire a best-suited employee as well as a freelancer for their projects.

Job seekers or web designers can choose the latest projects in different categories like web designing, graphics designing, logo designing and more as per their skills. They have to sign up here before applying for jobs.

Visit: Folyo Jobs

16. Do More Design

Do more design is UK based web designing platform where designers and clients can join at free. This websites mostly work on Logo designing projects. Here clients post their requirements and freelancers have to participate and bid on projects with their creative designs.

After successfully submission fo designs, cling can choose any design and the designer will get paid for their work. This website can also be an alternative to 99design for startups and small scale business who don’t interest to invest big amount for their logo design.

Visit: Do More Design


I hope these design concept marketplaces will surely help you to find more freelance projects. For freelancers, they might be an alternative to 99designs as well for finding web developing jobs and projects. As a beginner, any freelancer can start their freelance journey with these 99designs competitors.

However, most of the freelancers don’t know about these marketplace websites for making money but that does not mean they are not legitimate. These web designing sites are working continuously with the past couple of years and providing a platform for creatives to earn decent money, using their skills and creative mind.

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